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Yinka Ilori Unveils Bespoke Typeface: Yinka Sans Ultra & Shadow

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British-Nigerian designer Yinka Ilori is making waves in the world of art and design with his latest venture into custom typography. Partnering with British Standard Type (BST), Ilori has unveiled a bespoke typeface duo named Yinka Sans Ultra and Yinka Sans Shadow. These fonts, developed by BST, encapsulate Ilori’s vibrant and playful design ethos, merging rounded and squared shapes to reflect his dual British-Nigerian heritage.

Known for his eclectic and optimistic approach, Yinka Ilori sought to create a typeface that would not only embody his distinctive style but also inject meaning and personality into his projects. “I’ve always been drawn to the idea of creating my own typeface as a way to tell a story through design,” Ilori explained. With Yinka Sans, he achieves just that, blending influences from musical culture, architectural motifs, Nigerian folk vernaculars, and contemporary popular culture.

The collaboration with BST resulted in two cuts of the typeface: Yinka Sans Ultra and Yinka Sans Shadow. These variations ensure both expressive visual style and practical functionality across various applications, from printed surfaces to three-dimensional objects. “I wanted the font to feel optimistic and inclusive, reflecting my core values through bright colors, playful designs, and different shapes,” Ilori emphasized.

Matthew Fenton of BST highlighted the profound impact of Ilori’s vision on their collaboration: “Yinka’s thoughtful approach to his craft, coupled with his infectious enthusiasm to infuse beauty and joy into everyday objects, influenced every facet of our work.” The typeface, designed to retain its flair while maintaining readability, supports Ilori’s broader mission of celebrating diversity and spreading joy.


Currently, Yinka Ilori utilizes Yinka Sans for diverse projects, including installations and furniture like the embroidered upholstery in his Iya Na Wura collection. Future applications are set to expand into public art projects and exhibition designs, showcasing the versatility of his creative vision.

Ilori’s portfolio extends beyond typography, encompassing humorous and provocative designs that aim to foster community and positivity. His installations, such as mirrored pavilions and oversized chairs adorned with vibrant prints, serve as platforms for social reflection and engagement.

In the realm of furniture trends, Yinka Ilori stands out as a visionary who seamlessly merges art and design. His multidisciplinary approach, evident in collaborations with architecture firms and public art installations, underscores his role as a leader in the creative design studio space. By integrating his custom typefaces into these ventures, Ilori continues to redefine how art and design intersect in contemporary culture.

As Yinka Ilori continues to push boundaries with his joyful and inclusive designs, his bespoke typeface duo, Yinka Sans, remains a testament to his artistic integrity and cultural heritage. From furniture collections to public installations, Ilori’s work exemplifies the transformative power of design in sparking conversations and inspiring positive change.

In summary, Yinka Ilori’s collaboration with British Standard Type represents a harmonious blend of creativity and functionality, encapsulated in the expressive forms of Yinka Sans Ultra and Yinka Sans Shadow. As he continues to explore new avenues in art and design, Ilori’s impact on the multidisciplinary design studio landscape is set to resonate far and wide, leaving an indelible mark on the intersection of art, design, and cultural identity.

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