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Whispers of Nature: nendo’s Exquisite Exploration of Everyday Phenomena

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Enter the captivating realm of natural phenomena reimagined through the visionary lens of nendo’s latest exhibition, “Whispers of Nature,” currently enchanting visitors at the Paola Lenti showroom in Milan.

At the heart of this exhibition lies nendo’s profound commitment to uncovering the beauty hidden within the ordinary, transforming seemingly mundane occurrences into extraordinary design expressions. Guided by founder Oki Sato’s keen eye for detail, “Whispers of Nature” invites viewers to explore five distinct collections, each inspired by subtle hints of the natural world often overlooked in our daily lives.

The journey begins with “Clustered Clouds,” a mesmerizing series of translucent shelves that evoke the ethereal formations of distant clouds. As visitors pass through these hazy structures, they are enveloped in a delicate dance of volume and translucency, offering a glimpse into the ephemeral beauty of nature’s ever-shifting landscapes.

Continuing the exploration, “Light and Shade” delves into the intricate interplay between illumination and darkness. Mold and cast are elevated to equal status, unveiling the symbiotic relationship between these contrasting elements and inviting contemplation on the essence of light itself.

“Pond Dipping” draws inspiration from the gradual transformation of plants submerged in water, where the simple act of dipping yarn strings produces intricate textile patterns reminiscent of nature’s own handiwork. Through this process, nendo celebrates the serendipitous beauty that arises from the union of art and nature.


“Passing Rain” captures the fleeting moment of a rain shower with delicate stainless steel rods suspended in mirrored surfaces, echoing the mesmerizing dance of raindrops as they cascade earthward. Meanwhile, “Depth of Soil” pays homage to the passage of time through a series of Terrazzo objects that bear the imprint of centuries-old landscapes.

As visitors meander through the exhibition space, they are invited to embrace a new perspective on the world around them—a perspective that celebrates the inherent beauty of everyday phenomena and invites reflection on our interconnectedness with the natural world.

“Whispers of Nature” by nendo is not merely an exhibition—it is a testament to the transformative power of design to elevate our perceptions, enrich our experiences, and foster a deeper appreciation for the world we inhabit. Don’t miss your chance to be enchanted by this extraordinary showcase of creativity and craftsmanship at the Paola Lenti showroom in Milan.

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