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Wave: Modular Shelf & Mirror Combo

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Shelves have traditionally served a singular purpose: holding and storing books, knick-knacks, and other essentials. For book lovers like myself, functionality often trumps aesthetics due to the sheer volume of books that need a home. However, there’s an increasing trend in custom furniture design that merges functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating pieces that are not just practical but also serve as conversation starters. One such innovative design is the Wave, conceptualized by João Teixeira.

The Wave is not your average shelf; it doubles as a mirror and offers modular components that can be arranged in various layouts to suit your needs, preferences, or even your mood. While it doesn’t provide a full-length mirror due to the shelf’s design and shape, it offers a unique blend of functionality and style. Imagine a surface that not only holds your books and decorative items but also adds a reflective element to your space—this is the essence of the Wave.


Named aptly for its wavy, S-like shape, the Wave shelf is both modular and visually striking. The design comprises around four to five parts, which can be assembled in different configurations. Whether you prefer a horizontal or vertical orientation, the wave pattern remains consistent, adding a dynamic visual element to any room. This custom furniture design allows for flexibility and creativity, enabling users to tailor the piece to their specific space and style.

The renders of the Wave reveal a potential for personalization, where each part can be positioned to your liking. This modular approach is particularly appealing for those who enjoy changing their interior layout frequently. It’s an interactive piece that encourages you to play with its form and function.

However, it’s essential to manage expectations. If you’re looking for a full mirror, the Wave might not meet that need. The mirror is integrated into the overall design and serves more as an accent rather than a primary reflective surface. This piece is best suited for those who appreciate multi-functional furniture that leans more towards aesthetics. It’s perfect for displaying a few select objects, although it might not be the ideal solution for extensive book collections.

In essence, the Wave is a testament to the evolving world of custom furniture design, where practicality meets artistry. If this concept becomes a reality, it will likely attract buyers who value innovative design and are looking for furniture that enhances their living space beyond mere functionality. The Wave is more than a shelf; it’s a statement piece that embodies the harmony of form and function, making it a desirable addition to any modern home.

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