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Vormen’s Living Objects Stool: Elegant Steel

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The Living Objects stool by Vormen is a perfect blend of elegance and practicality, showcasing the innovation of this multidisciplinary design studio. Crafted with precision, the stool features a very thin sheet steel seat welded to four thicker tubular legs. This unique combination of materials not only enhances the stool’s aesthetic appeal but also ensures its durability and strength.

The design of the Living Objects stool is striking, particularly when the stools are stacked, creating a compact yet sculptural display. This feature makes the stool an ideal choice for both residential and commercial spaces where space-saving solutions are essential. The slight curve to the seat adds to its visual interest and provides optimal ergonomic support, reflecting Vormen’s commitment to combining form and function.

multidisciplinary design

The stool is part of the Living Objects collection and is available in three distinct colors: Ivory, Pure White, and Wine Red. Additionally, there is a galvanized finish option where the steel is treated with a thin layer of zinc, creating a unique patina on each stool. This process not only enhances the stool’s visual appeal but also makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A matching bench is also available in the brand’s catalogue, offering a cohesive look for any space.

Vormen, a creative design studio, has designed the Living Objects stool to be a versatile piece of furniture that fits seamlessly into various settings. The studio’s ability to innovate and create custom furniture designs is evident in this stool, which combines practicality with a sense of poetic allure. The design hints at the presence of a seated person, adding a touch of whimsy while ensuring comfort and support.

custom furniture designs
custom product

As a custom product, the Living Objects stool exemplifies Vormen’s dedication to creating unique, high-quality pieces that meet the specific needs of their clients. The studio’s focus on materiality, craftsmanship, and design integrity is evident in every detail of the stool, from its sleek steel construction to its ergonomic design.

For more information on the Living Objects stool or to place an order, contact Vormen at info@vormen.be. The stool’s dimensions are 330 x 330 x 450 millimeters, making it a compact yet comfortable seating option for any space.

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