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Volant Wall Light: Elegance in Brass and Glass

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Introducing the Volant wall light by Ross Gardam, a striking addition to contemporary interior design that seamlessly merges elegance with functionality. This Australian-designed fixture exemplifies a harmonious blend of brass and glass, available in single or double tube configurations.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each Volant wall light features a brass chassis that extends beyond the glass tubes, ensuring the metal structure remains visible and integral to its design. The choice between fluted or frosted glass shades adds versatility, casting a warm and inviting glow suitable for various interior settings.

Ross Gardam, known for their architectural approach to lighting, describes the Volant wall light as achieving equilibrium between materials, offering a soft luminosity that enhances any space. Designed and assembled in Melbourne, Australia, these lights exemplify local craftsmanship, with both metal and glass components sourced and fabricated locally.

In the realm of Design Galleries and multidisciplinary design studios, the Volant wall light stands out as a testament to innovative design principles. Its sleek profile and customizable options make it ideal for designers seeking bespoke solutions for custom interior design projects. Whether placed in residential or commercial spaces, these lights effortlessly blend into diverse architectural styles, adding a touch of sophistication and functionality.

Ross Gardam’s commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of the Volant wall light’s construction, from the choice of materials to the precision assembly process. The brushed, blackened, or bronzed brass finishes offer flexibility to match different aesthetic preferences, while the glass options provide varied light diffusion effects, catering to specific ambiance requirements.


As a staple of custom products studios, the Volant wall light epitomizes the intersection of artistry and utility, appealing to designers and homeowners alike who value craftsmanship and design innovation. Its understated yet impactful presence makes it a versatile choice for enhancing interiors with both modern sensibility and timeless elegance.

For those navigating the world of interior design, the Volant wall light serves as a beacon of inspiration and practicality. Its presence in multidisciplinary design studios underscores its adaptability and aesthetic appeal, offering a lighting solution that not only illuminates but also elevates the overall ambiance of any space.

In conclusion, the Volant wall light by Ross Gardam transcends mere functionality to embody a true statement of contemporary design excellence. With its refined materials, customizable features, and architectural allure, it remains a benchmark in the evolution of lighting solutions for discerning clients and designers embracing the fusion of form and function.

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