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Versatile Conversa Modular Lounge by KFI Studios

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The Conversa Modular Lounge series by KFI Studios is revolutionizing the concept of customizable seating solutions for contract spaces. Developed in collaboration with Union Design, an award-winning studio led by Jeff Theesfeld, this modular seating collection offers limitless arrangement possibilities. With 14 seat modules and 4 FSC-certified wood table modules, the Conversa series enables endless configurations, providing unparalleled flexibility and creativity in designing modern interiors.

One of the standout features of the Conversa Modular Lounge is its high level of customization. The upholstery options are extensive, allowing for a wide selection of graded-in textiles. This makes it easy to match any interior design scheme or to provide a unique touch with custom fabrics supplied by the customer. The table bases are available in White, Black, Silver, and Sapphire Blue, and can be paired with various stained wood or laminate tabletops in a range of colors. This versatility ensures that the Conversa series can seamlessly fit into any custom interior design project, whether it’s a vibrant and eclectic space or a sleek and monochromatic environment.

KFI Studios has also integrated practical features into the Conversa series. The seating modules are designed with hollow constructions to manage and conceal cables, maintaining a clean and organized look. Additionally, outlets for powering tech devices can be mounted on the sides of the seats, catering to the needs of modern workspaces. For added privacy, the Calm Screen can be incorporated around the seating modules, making it ideal for creating semi-private areas within open-plan environments.

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The versatility of the Conversa Modular Lounge is further enhanced by the launch of the plush Atmos Pillows. Available in five geometric shapes with the same upholstery options, these pillows can be added to the Conversa seating or any other furniture, enhancing comfort and utility. The Atmos Pillows contribute to creating a more homey and lived-in feel, even in commercial settings, making them a valuable addition to any custom products studio or multidisciplinary design studio.

KFI Studios has made a significant impact on furniture trends with the Conversa Modular Lounge. The ability to create endless configurations, coupled with the high level of customization, makes this series a game-changer in the world of contract furnishings. The innovative design not only addresses the functional needs of modern spaces but also allows for aesthetic flexibility, making it a perfect fit for custom interior design projects.

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Furthermore, KFI Studios’ commitment to sustainability is evident in their choice of materials. The use of FSC-certified wood for the table modules and the option to use recyclable and renewable materials for the upholstery align with the growing trend of eco-friendly design. This focus on sustainability, combined with the innovative and customizable nature of the Conversa series, positions KFI Studios at the forefront of contemporary furniture design.

In conclusion, the Conversa Modular Lounge series by KFI Studios is a remarkable example of modern, customizable furniture that caters to the diverse needs of today’s contract spaces. With its endless configuration possibilities, extensive customization options, and practical features, it stands out as a versatile and innovative solution. The integration of the Atmos Pillows and the commitment to sustainability further enhance its appeal, making it a valuable addition to any custom products studio or multidisciplinary design studio. KFI Studios continues to set new standards in furniture trends, offering solutions that are not only functional and stylish but also environmentally conscious.

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