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Unveiling the Corrugated Furniture Collection

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South African-born, California-based designer Hanneke Lourens unveils her inaugural Corrugated furniture collection, drawing inspiration from the sturdy metal sheets ubiquitous in urban South African landscapes. Comprising five distinct pieces crafted from durable white oak, this collection reimagines utilitarian materials into sophisticated, covetable objects for daily use.

Lourens’ design philosophy reflects her upbringing amidst the contrasting beauty and chaos of South Africa, where corrugated metal sheets shimmer under the African sun. Her aim with the Corrugated collection is to capture this duality, transforming mundane building materials into pieces that evoke both comfort and unconventional beauty.

Each piece in the collection—Side Table, Lounge Chair, Bench, Coffee Table, and Console Table—features a playful integration of curved forms mimicking corrugated metal’s waves, balanced with sharp geometric lines to create visual interest and excitement in any space.

The Corrugated Side Table exemplifies Lourens’ minimalist approach, blending a circle, rectangle, and furrowed legs to evoke tension and strength in a compact form suitable for both seating and display.

The Corrugated Lounge Chair stands out architecturally with linear planks supporting its low-slung structure, directing attention to its rippled base and showcasing Lourens’ commitment to blending artistry with functionality.


In contrast, the Corrugated Bench offers a sculptural appeal with its wavy vertical supports and three square seating surfaces, inviting users to appreciate the intricate details of white oak’s natural grain patterns.

The Corrugated Coffee Table introduces a playful asymmetry with contrasting wavy and straight legs, underscoring Lourens’ intent to balance design flair with practical usability in furniture.

Rounding out the collection, the Corrugated Console Table balances elegance and whimsy, offering versatility as a hallway accent piece or a minimalist desk in a custom interior design setting.

Lourens’ dedication to her craft extends beyond aesthetics; a portion of the collection’s proceeds supports Learn to Earn, an organization fostering skills development and job creation in South Africa’s Khayelitsha township.

The Corrugated furniture collection not only showcases Lourens’ multidisciplinary design studio prowess but also underscores current furniture trends favoring bespoke, handcrafted pieces that blend art with everyday functionality. Lourens’ meticulous handcrafting process ensures each piece not only reflects her artistic vision but also stands as a testament to the enduring allure of custom products Studio in contemporary design.

As consumers increasingly seek unique, custom interior design solutions that merge artistry with utility, Lourens’ Corrugated collection stands poised to make a lasting impact. Its ability to evoke the essence of South Africa—its contrasts, its beauty, and its creativity—makes it a standout in today’s furniture landscape.

For those interested in exploring the Corrugated furniture collection further, visit Hanneke Lourens’ website to discover how these distinctive pieces can elevate any living space with their blend of artful design and practical elegance. Whether as individual statement pieces or a cohesive ensemble, the Corrugated collection offers a fresh perspective on how materials once overlooked can be transformed into enduring symbols of design innovation and cultural resonance.

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