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TYPO Chair: Serendipitous Steel Elegance

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In the realm of custom furniture design, TYPO stands out as a testament to creativity and ingenuity. Inspired by chance and serendipity, the chair’s steel-back profile is meticulously bent to create striking creases, elevating its aesthetic allure while maintaining structural integrity.

AMDL CIRCLE‘s partnership with Mara exemplifies the essence of Italian craftsmanship and design philosophy. With a meticulous focus on manufacturing processes, Mara embraces experimentation, pushing boundaries to create truly distinctive pieces like the TYPO chair.

The development journey of TYPO reflects a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. By reimagining the folding process typically associated with metal profiles, AMDL CIRCLE and Mara have transformed a banal material into a sculptural masterpiece, resonating with the ethos of Italian design culture.

Custom furniture design enthusiasts will appreciate TYPO’s archetype-inspired form, reminiscent of classic chair typologies yet infused with a contemporary twist. The incorporation of softened wood for the seat and backrest adds a tactile dimension to the chair, enhancing both comfort and visual appeal.

The TYPO chair embodies the ethos of sustainable design, a core principle upheld by AMDL CIRCLE and Mara. By embracing experimentation and embracing materials’ inherent qualities, they have created a chair that transcends conventional boundaries, offering a unique blend of functionality and artistic expression.

At its core, TYPO represents more than just a seating solution—it’s a manifestation of design philosophy rooted in observation, exploration, and innovation. Through their collaboration, AMDL CIRCLE and Mara have redefined the possibilities of custom furniture design, setting a new standard for creative excellence in the industry.

As visitors explore Mara’s showcase at Salone del Mobile, they’ll encounter TYPO’s captivating presence—a symbol of craftsmanship, creativity, and the enduring spirit of design exploration. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and the boundless potential of multidisciplinary design studios like AMDL CIRCLE.

Experience the TYPO chair firsthand at Salone del Mobile, where innovation meets tradition, and discover the transformative impact of custom furniture design crafted with passion and purpose.

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