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Tunnel Vision: FreelandBuck’s Illusion Art

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“Tunnel Vision” is crafted from laser-cut aluminum layers shaped into cones. The conical form features a gridded pattern that allows light to filter into the lobby and onto the ceiling. From the outside, the structure appears otherworldly, resembling a spacecraft in motion. However, from a specific vantage point, the installation dramatically reveals a 3D depiction of the iconic coffered subway stations designed by American architect Harry Reese. This intricate design captures the essence of the metro system’s architecture in a striking new form.

The photo of the coffered stations is digitally printed onto the metal, employing the Baroque technique of trompe-l’oeil, which creates an illusion of depth. This visual trickery is part of FreelandBuck’s exploration of spatial drawings, making “Tunnel Vision” an awe-inspiring piece that encapsulates the unique experience and identity of the metro system. The installation seamlessly integrates custom interior design elements with the public art, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the WMATA Office Building.

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Tunnel Vision
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FreelandBuck, known for its innovative approach as a multidisciplinary design studio, has once again pushed the boundaries of architectural design with this installation. Their ability to blend art, architecture, and design in a cohesive manner is evident in “Tunnel Vision.” The piece not only serves as a visual marvel but also as a testament to the studio’s commitment to creating immersive and thought-provoking spaces.

Visitors can experience “Tunnel Vision” inside the WMATA Office Building at 2401 Mill Road, Alexandria, VA, 22314. This installation is a perfect example of how public art can transform a space, making it not just functional but also a place of wonder and inspiration. FreelandBuck’s dedication to exploring new dimensions in design ensures that each project, including this one, stands out as a unique contribution to the field of architecture and public art.


To learn more about FreelandBuck and their work, visit freelandbuck.com. Photography by Kevin Kunstadt captures the essence of this remarkable installation, providing a glimpse into the meticulous craftsmanship and creative vision behind “Tunnel Vision.”

As the Senior Contributing Editor, Vy Yang is dedicated to discovering ways to live well and with intention through design. Follow her journey on Instagram stories or visit vytranyang.com for more insights.

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