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TOPOS: Mediterranean Outdoor Elegance

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The TOPOS Outdoor Collection by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) and iSiMar is a stunning tribute to Mediterranean living, unveiled at Salone del Mobile during Milan Design Week 2024. The collaboration showcases the brands’ expertise in design and materials, offering a chair and sun lounger designed for outdoor enjoyment with family and friends.

TOPOS derives its name from the Greek word for place, reflecting its design inspiration drawn from the Mediterranean region’s geography and topography. The collection’s contoured lines, reminiscent of maps and industrial design, evoke the landscapes of the Mediterranean, providing a glimpse into the region’s beauty and allure.

TOPOS: Mediterranean

Custom furniture design takes on a new meaning with TOPOS, where traditional topographical lines are reinterpreted to create unique seating ergonomics. These lines not only add a visual appeal but also adapt to the user’s comfort, enhancing the outdoor experience. The materiality of the collection plays a crucial role, offering resilience and durability necessary for outdoor furniture.

Constructed with a specialized textured matte polyester powder coat on 100% recycled galvanized steel wire, TOPOS is as sustainable as it is stylish. The collection is available in 32 frame finishes, allowing for customization to match any aesthetic. The upholstery fabrics, made from 100% dyed acrylic, are water-resistant and offer protection against UV rays, fire, and friction. With 30 colors and textures to choose from, personalizing your outdoor space has never been easier.


One of the standout features of the TOPOS collection is its 100% recyclability. Each piece can be disassembled and repurposed, reducing waste and contributing to a more sustainable future. iSiMar’s commitment to sustainability extends to their use of local suppliers for their recycled steel, further reducing carbon emissions and supporting the community.

The collaboration between ZHA and iSiMar showcases the best of contemporary outdoor living, offering a unique blend of design, functionality, and sustainability. Whether placed by the sea, next to a pool, or in a backyard, the TOPOS collection brings a touch of Mediterranean elegance to any outdoor space.

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