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Thom Browne x Frette: Time to Sleep

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Fashion designer Thom Browne made a splash at Milan Design Week 2024 with his unique performance art piece titled “Time to Sleep,” which showcased his collaboration with Italian textile brand Frette. The event, held in the neoclassical Palazzina Appiani, featured a performance that blurred the lines between fashion, art, and design.

Browne’s performance was a spectacle that unfolded in the elegant setting of Palazzina Appiani, a 19th-century Napoleonic building in Milan’s Parco Sempione. The show centered around six identical beds adorned with Browne’s Frette collection of fine cotton sateen sheets, set up in a row inside the building’s upper-floor salon. Models, dressed in Thom Browne underwear, entered one by one and took their places beside the beds.

As the performance progressed, the models donned grey Thom Browne uniforms, symbolizing the transition from wakefulness to sleep. The scene was choreographed to music that evoked sleeping, creating a dreamlike atmosphere. Finally, the models lay down for a nap, their heads covered with custom eye masks, bringing the performance to a tranquil conclusion.

The collaboration between Thom Browne and Frette extends beyond bedding to include duvet and sheet sets, towels, blankets, throws, and cushions. Each item features Browne’s signature aesthetic, including the brand’s recognizable four-bar insignia and trademark stripes. Even a light grey bathrobe draws inspiration from a Thom Browne trench coat silhouette.

Thom Browne’s foray into Milan Design Week demonstrates his multidisciplinary approach to design and storytelling. His interest in the intersection of art, fashion, and design was evident in the performance, which served as a continuation of his exploration of these themes. Browne’s ability to create a narrative through his designs and presentations sets him apart as a visionary in the fashion world.

Browne’s event at Milan Design Week is part of a long tradition of art performances staged by his company at architecturally significant locations around the world. This includes prestigious venues such as London’s V&A Museum and New York’s Cooper Hewitt, MoMA, and Met museums. The performance not only showcased Browne’s creative vision but also highlighted the craftsmanship and artistry that define his brand.

As a multidisciplinary design firm, Thom Browne’s collaboration with Frette demonstrates the seamless integration of fashion, art, and design. The collection is not just about bedding; it’s a reflection of Browne’s unique aesthetic and storytelling prowess, offering a glimpse into a world where fashion and design converge in a harmonious blend of creativity and innovation.

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