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THIRST: Hand-Sculpted Glass Watering Cans

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In a world where everyday objects often go unnoticed, Maarja Mäemets brings forth a collection that transforms the simple act of watering into a sacred ritual. Her THIRST series of hand-sculpted glass watering cans not only showcases the beauty and versatility of glass as a material but also merges functionality with aesthetic appeal, epitomizing the synergy of craftsmanship and creative vision.

The THIRST series, comprising THIRST 1.0 (2023) and THIRST 2.0 (2024), includes 20 unique pieces, each with its own name and backstory. These watering cans stand approximately 250 mm tall with a bottom diameter of 140 mm, making them both functional and decorative. Every piece in this collection is a testament to Mäemets’ meticulous attention to detail and her ability to infuse everyday objects with deeper meaning.

Drawing inspiration from the metaphor of nurturing and growth, each watering can in the THIRST series symbolizes the importance of watering and cultivating aspects of life that deserve attention. This thoughtful design transforms the act of watering plants into a meditative practice, encouraging users to stay present and embrace abundance in their daily routines.

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Maarja Mäemets collaborated with glassblowers Aleksandra and Martin Ehrensvärd from Stockholms Glasbruk studio in Sweden to bring her vision to life. This collaboration between a talented Estonian glass artist and a skilled team of glassblowers resulted in a collection that highlights the beauty of collective flow and craftsmanship. Each piece in the THIRST series is a work of art, blending artistic vision with practical utility.

The THIRST series features six distinct pieces, each with its own unique character and story. For instance, XENA symbolizes darkness and strength, while CHARIOT represents determination and drive. RICO embodies a mindset of abundance, IVY serves as a muse of devotion and fidelity, JUICY is a charmer attracting like pure honey, and DOLLY exudes a soft presence with hidden strength. These names and backstories add an extra layer of depth to the watering cans, making them not just functional objects but also conversation pieces.

Maarja Mäemets’ work is a perfect example of how a custom products studio can create pieces that go beyond mere functionality. By merging artistic vision with practical design, Mäemets has created a collection that stands out in any design gallery. Her work demonstrates how everyday objects can be transformed into pieces of art that enhance our daily lives.

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In addition to their aesthetic appeal, the THIRST series watering cans are also highly functional. Their ergonomic design makes them easy to use, while the high-quality glass ensures durability. These watering cans are perfect for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and want to bring a touch of elegance to their indoor gardening routines.

Maarja Mäemets’ THIRST series is a testament to the power of multidisciplinary design studios. By collaborating with other artisans and incorporating elements of custom interior design, Mäemets has created a collection that is both beautiful and functional. Her work reminds us that even the most mundane tasks can be transformed into meaningful rituals when approached with intention and creativity.

For those interested in adding a piece of the THIRST series to their home, the watering cans are available in two editions. Each piece is unique, with its own name and story, making it a special addition to any space. Whether used for watering plants or simply as a decorative object, these hand-sculpted glass watering cans bring a touch of artistry and elegance to any environment.

In conclusion, Maarja Mäemets’ THIRST series is a beautiful example of how art and functionality can merge to create objects that enrich our daily lives. By transforming the simple act of watering into a sacred ritual, Mäemets encourages us to find beauty and meaning in the everyday, reminding us to nurture and cultivate what truly matters.

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