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The Alder Collection: Sustainable Furniture Trend

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Milan Design Week 2024 has brought forth a remarkable offering in the form of the Alder collection, a collaboration between Mater and designer Patricia Urquiola. This innovative furniture line stands out for its commitment to sustainability, epitomizing the latest Furniture Trends with its biodegradable nature.

The Alder collection introduces a pioneering approach to furniture design, utilizing Matek®, a proprietary material technology developed by Mater. This material, derived from post-consumer or -industrial waste streams, is blended with fibers like coffee bean shells or sawdust to create a moldable raw substance. Through press molding technology, this substance is transformed into elegant and functional furnishings, exemplifying the intersection of Furniture Trends and environmental consciousness.

Urquiola’s design vision, combined with Mater’s dedication to sustainability, has resulted in a collection that not only captivates aesthetically but also resonates deeply with the ethos of our times. Each piece in the Alder collection boasts a frame crafted from 94% recycled steel, providing both strength and durability—a testament to the fusion of innovation and eco-friendliness prevalent in contemporary Furniture Trends.

The Alder collection comprises indoor and outdoor lounge tables, side tables, and stools, all featuring a distinctive curvilinear form inspired by nature. Available in Terracotta, Light Green, Sand, and Earth Grey colorways, these pieces offer versatility and style while aligning seamlessly with current Furniture Trends emphasizing sustainability and natural materials.

One of the standout features of the Alder collection is its complete disassembly capability, allowing each component to be upcycled through Mater’s Take-Back System at the end of its life cycle. This commitment to circular design reflects a shift towards more responsible and environmentally conscious approaches in contemporary Furniture Trends.

The Milan Design Week installation of the Alder collection showcases not only the beauty of Urquiola’s design but also the collaborative efforts of Mater and their partners in celebrating natural materials. Against a backdrop of deconstructed florals, the Alder collection shines as a beacon of innovative design and sustainable practices, setting the standard for future Furniture Trends.

As Ketil Årdal, CEO of Mater, aptly puts it, the Alder collection represents the furniture of the future—an embodiment of the evolving landscape of design where sustainability and style converge harmoniously. With its biodegradable materials and thoughtful design approach, the Alder collection offers a glimpse into a more conscientious and eco-friendly future in Furniture Trends.

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