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Swedish Midsummer Vases: A Timeless Tradition

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In a world where many modernists reject ornamental objects to maintain clutter-free surfaces and uninterrupted architectural lines, the Midsummer Mini Vase series by Orrefors Glassworks and internationally renowned architect and design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune offers a compelling counterpoint. These seven tabletop vessels capture the spirit of Swedish tradition, merging the aesthetic with the sentimental in a series that tells a romantic tale through architectural updates in design.

According to Swedish tradition, future prosperity in love is promised to those who collect and place seven types of flowers under their pillow on Midsummer’s Eve. The Midsummer Mini Vase series brings this tradition to life, allowing the charm of the occasion to extend beyond the longest day of the year. Each vase, named after native flowers approved by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, is designed to embody this quaint and quintessential practice. The series comprises seven unique forms of similar height, offered in a pale watercolor-like palette that makes them universally appealing and easily accessible for anyone wishing to partake in the tradition.

Eero Koivisto, co-founder of Stockholm-based Claesson Koivisto Rune Architects, explains, “The Midsummer series manifests the essence of modern Scandinavian design by marrying essential style with human warmth.” This sentiment captures the spirit of the mini vases, which blend practical utility with heartfelt symbolism. The collection is a beautiful reflection of architectural updates, showcasing how modern design can integrate traditional values and emotions seamlessly.

Each vase in the series is mouth-blown, a process that hybridizes tradition with utility. These elegant silhouettes capture both the solid and fluid phases of glass, embodying a precise yet uncontrollable process. Much like the potential for love, the collection embraces ambiguity and the space between what’s desired and what’s possible. The design ensures that flower stems remain upright, bodies hold ample water, and shapes complement their respective floral counterparts, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Swedish Midsummer Vases

The Midsummer Mini Vase series is perfect for tabletops, windowsills, and bookshelves, either as standalone pieces or grouped together. Interior stylist and creative consultant Anthony Amiano notes, “Grouping collections of small objects gives them more presence in a space. Either clustered in groups or scattered down the length of a table, the effect creates visual interest and a topography on your tabletop.” This dynamic quality is a testament to the thoughtful design and architectural updates embedded in the series, which ensures these pieces enhance any setting without impeding conversation or interaction.

The vases in the Midsummer series include Cow Vetch (Kråkvicker SE) Green, Water Avens (Humleblomster SE) Brown, Oxeeye Daisy (Prästkrage SE) Smokey Blue, Red Clover (Röd Klöver SE) Light Pink, Bird’s-foot Trefoil (Käringtand SE) Gray, Peach-leaved Bellflower (Stor Blåklocka SE) Blue, and Wood Cranesbill (Midsommarblomster SE) Dark Pink. Each piece, with its unique color and form, tells a story, making the Midsummer Mini Vase series a perfect blend of tradition and modern architectural updates, offering a timeless addition to any home decor.

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