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Sustainable Seating: Tejo by Paul Crofts

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Paul Crofts’ latest innovation for furniture brand Isomi showcases the creative potential of sustainable materials in custom furniture design. The Tejo seating collection, named after Portugal’s Alentejo region where its cork material is sourced, repurposes leftover cork from wine stopper production to craft a versatile and eco-friendly modular seating system.

Tejo’s design reflects a commitment to sustainability without compromising on style or functionality. The modular seating can be configured as a bench, a single sofa, or a double back-to-back sofa, making it adaptable to various settings, from commercial spaces to hospitality environments. This flexibility in custom furniture design ensures that Tejo meets the diverse needs of modern interior spaces.

The collection’s use of recycled cork is particularly noteworthy. Cork is harvested from responsibly managed forests and is renowned for its soft, tactile quality and visual appeal. Its regenerative properties make it an ideal choice for sustainable furniture production. By utilizing cork for Tejo’s base, Isomi and Crofts highlight the material’s potential in custom furniture design, offering a natural alternative to traditional plywood frames.

In addition to its sustainable base, Tejo’s curving components are filled with natural latex instead of synthetic foam. Upholstered with natural wool, flax, or hemp, the seating eschews synthetic fabrics in favor of eco-friendly options. This thoughtful material selection underscores the collection’s environmental ethos and aligns with contemporary demands for sustainability in custom furniture design.

Tejo’s aesthetic is both modern and timeless, with a variety of color options to suit different interior styles. The seating’s design is complemented by additional elements such as table units, screen dividers, planters, power outlets, and charging ports. These features enhance the functionality of the collection, making it a versatile choice for commercial spaces including retail stores, offices, and hospitality venues. The integration of these elements showcases the potential of custom furniture design to create cohesive and multifunctional environments.

Isomi’s Tejo collection exemplifies how sustainable practices can be seamlessly incorporated into custom furniture design. By reimagining waste materials and prioritizing natural, renewable resources, Paul Crofts has created a seating system that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible. The Tejo seating collection stands as a testament to the possibilities of sustainable design, offering a glimpse into the future of eco-friendly interiors.

For more information about the Tejo collection or to inquire about specific customization options, contact Isomi at aisling.sugden@isomi.com. To explore more innovative products and designs, visit Dezeen Showroom, which offers a platform for brands to launch new products and reach a global audience.

As sustainability continues to influence the world of custom furniture design, Tejo by Paul Crofts serves as an inspiring example of how design can evolve to meet the challenges of environmental responsibility while delivering exceptional functionality and style.

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