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Sustainable Artistry: Hydro’s 100R Exhibition

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At this year’s Milan design week, Hydro has made a remarkable debut with its exhibition titled 100R, showcasing innovative designs crafted from recycled aluminium scrap. In collaboration with Shapes by Hydro, seven talented designers have ingeniously transformed Hydro’s Circal 100R recycled aluminium product into stunning objects that not only captivate aesthetically but also champion sustainability.

Custom Product experimentation reaches new heights as Hydro Circal 100R stands as the first aluminium product crafted entirely from post-consumer scrap, revolutionizing industrial production. The exhibition at Spazio Maiocchi in Milan serves as a testament to the brand’s commitment to sustainability, with each design embodying the ethos of circular economy.

Under the artistic direction of Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland, the exhibition curated a diverse array of creations, each a testament to the versatility and potential of recycled aluminium. From the elegant Grotte Lamp by Inga Sempé to the innovative Billet Chair by John Tree, every piece showcases the aesthetic and structural possibilities inherent in Circal 100R.

Custom Product design takes center stage as the designers were challenged to create products made exclusively from extruded aluminium, emphasizing mass production capability. This challenge spurred creativity, resulting in a collection that seamlessly merges sustainability with practicality and style.

Among the highlights of the exhibition is Max Lamb’s Prøve Light, which exemplifies the fusion of form and function. Andreas Engesvik’s Tsuba coat hanger and Shane Schneck’s Nave containers demonstrate how recycled aluminium can be shaped into everyday objects with a touch of elegance.

Custom Product ingenuity shines through in Rachel Griffin’s Serial partition and Philippe Malouin’s T-Slot Board shelving system, showcasing the versatility of Circal 100R in interior applications.

Hydro’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the exhibition, with Circal 100R offering a promising solution for a greener future. Its ability to be endlessly recycled without compromising quality underscores its potential to contribute to a circular economy for generations to come.

The 100R exhibition at Spazio Maiocchi during Milan design week serves as a beacon of inspiration for designers and manufacturers alike, demonstrating that sustainable practices can coexist harmoniously with creativity and innovation.

As Milan design week continues to evolve, exhibitions like 100R remind us of the power of design to drive positive change and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

This partnership between Dezeen and Hydro underscores the importance of collaboration in promoting sustainable design solutions and fostering a more environmentally conscious industry.

Explore the intersection of creativity and sustainability at the 100R exhibition, where artistry meets eco-consciousness to shape a brighter tomorrow.

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