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Studiopepe’s Silos Collection: Architectural Elegance

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Studiopepe‘s Silos collection for Uniqka is set to debut during Milan Design Week 2024, offering a unique blend of architectural allure and artistic finesse. This collection features a family of curved tables, each with its own character and charm. The tables are crafted with vegetable-tanned leather legs, providing a tactile connection to the earth, and are available in various materials for the tops, creating a symphony of textures and tones.

The Silos collection draws inspiration from silo structures, symbolizing silent inhabitants of urban and suburban landscapes. These industrial architectures are evoked through pure and sculptural volumes, with curved surfaces that play with light and shadow. The use of leather covering creates sophisticated chromatisms, accentuating the clean volumes and the potential for diverse material combinations.

During Milan Design Week, the Silos collection will be showcased at the ‘MOHD Atelier’ installation curated by Studiopepe at MOHD Officina, as well as at the Archiproducts showroom at Via Tortona 31, presenting ‘Aqua,’ a design exploration by Studiopepe. The collection offers a diverse material palette, including travertine, leather, wood, and metal, providing a touch of natural elegance and a tactile experience.

The industrial-inspired aesthetic of the Silos collection harmonizes with materials that celebrate nature’s beauty, creating a visual style that transcends time and trends. Designed with artisanal finesse and meticulous ingenuity, the Silos collection merges architecture with art, offering a range of finishes and sizes to suit various interior spaces. Whether in a bedroom, lounge, or living room, these tables enrich the essence of any space they inhabit, exuding refined elegance and timeless sophistication.

As Studiopepe continues to innovate in the realm of custom interior design, the Silos collection stands out as a testament to their creativity and vision. Each table in the Silos family is a masterpiece of design, blending innovative concepts with functional aesthetics. The collection’s debut at Milan Design Week 2024 marks an exciting moment for the global design scene, as it introduces a new standard of elegance and craftsmanship to the world of furniture design.

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