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Studio TOOJ Redefines Furniture Trends at Milan DW 2024

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Studio TOOJ made a bold statement at Milan Design Week 2024, showcasing their innovative approach to furniture design. The Swedish design studio, known for challenging traditional Scandinavian design norms, presented a collection that merges sophistication with bold design elements, offering a fresh perspective on furniture trends.

At the heart of their exhibit was the Contourage blue console table, a stunning piece that defies expectations. Despite its wood-like appearance, the table is actually 3D printed in one piece using sand, showcasing the studio’s commitment to innovative techniques. The use of quartz sand and binder jetting technology, along with renewable sources like corn husks and rice hulls, highlights their dedication to sustainable practices in furniture production.

Studio TOOJ’s collection also featured wood and stone collectible designs, each piece showcasing organic forms and textured surfaces. The DripotlĂ© side table by T.Woon in mahogany wood, set against the backdrop of Villa Borsani, exemplifies their exploration of materiality and form. The Ruffles Mirror by Johan WilĂ©n and the Departed side table, with its unique curved forms in Rosso Francia marble, further demonstrate their commitment to pushing the boundaries of design.

The exhibition at Alcova during Milan Design Week was a testament to Studio TOOJ’s vision and creativity. By challenging traditional design aesthetics and embracing innovative techniques, they have carved a unique space for themselves in the world of furniture design. Their work not only reflects current furniture trends but also sets new standards for creativity and sustainability in the industry.

As furniture trends continue to evolve, Studio TOOJ’s approach serves as a beacon of inspiration for designers and enthusiasts alike. Their ability to blend artistry with craftsmanship, while pushing the boundaries of materials and techniques, ensures that they will remain at the forefront of furniture design for years to come.

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