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Saint Laurent’s Gio Ponti Plates

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French fashion house Saint Laurent is set to unveil a remarkable collection of hand-painted porcelain plates designed by the renowned Italian architect Gio Ponti in 1957. The Villa Planchart Segnaposto collection, consisting of 12 exquisite plates, will be showcased at Milan Design Week, adding a touch of architectural sophistication to the event.

Originally commissioned to design Villa Planchart in Caracas, Ponti went beyond architectural boundaries by creating a tableware collection that reflects the essence of the iconic villa. Collaborating with Florentine porcelain manufacturer Ginori 1735, Ponti’s plates feature symbolic motifs such as the letter A, representing the owners’ names, and celestial elements like the crescent moon and sun.

Curated by Saint Laurent’s creative director Anthony Vaccarello, the exhibition at the Chiostri Di San Simpliciano cloister in Milan will present reissued plates from the original collection. Each plate is meticulously hand-painted with bright, primary colors and adorned with gold edges, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship that Ponti was known for.

This collaboration between Saint Laurent and the Gio Ponti Archives, as well as the Fundación Anala y Armando Planchart, pays homage to Ponti’s legacy as an architect and designer. The plates not only serve as functional tableware but also as works of art that encapsulate the spirit of Villa Planchart.

Saint Laurent’s involvement in this project extends beyond fashion, highlighting the brand’s multidisciplinary approach to design. The release of the Villa Planchart Segnaposto collection underlines Saint Laurent Rive Droite’s commitment to curating unique and culturally significant experiences for its audience.

Ponti’s influence extends far beyond his architectural achievements, with iconic designs like the 811 armchair and collaborations with renowned furniture companies. The Villa Planchart Segnaposto collection is a testament to Ponti’s timeless aesthetic and his ability to seamlessly blend architecture, art, and design.

The exhibition will be a must-visit during Milan Design Week, offering visitors a glimpse into the creative genius of Gio Ponti and the enduring allure of his designs.

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