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Ronan Bouroullec’s New Ceramic Works Unveiled

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Renowned French designer Ronan Bouroullec has once again captured the design world’s attention with his latest collection for Mutina Editions. Showcased in the Design Gallery of the Italian ceramics company, this series of six new ceramic works—comprising five vases and a candelabra—exemplifies Bouroullec’s distinct creative vision and meticulous craftsmanship.

This collection is part of Mutina’s limitedly produced and handmade Editions series, highlighting the beauty and uniqueness of handmade-in-Italy ceramics. Each piece features subtle imperfections and the ancient glaze formulation, giving them their unique colors and tones. These exclusive items, signed and stamped sequentially, reinforce their status as coveted pieces of Custom Product design.

Bouroullec’s creations, displayed in the interior design gallery, include the Talea vase, inspired by the concept of plant propagation. The six balls on the sides of the vase resemble buds, symbolizing life and care in the form of design. This ode to nature demonstrates how the multidisciplinary design studio approach can transform simple ideas into profound artistic statements.

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The Finestra Giorno and Finestra Notte vases are equally captivating. Giorno, meaning day, features a grid structure reminiscent of a window, while Notte, or night, incorporates circular volumes. These designs serve as gateways to an imagined world, showcasing how multidisciplinary design studios like Bouroullec’s can seamlessly blend form and function to create evocative art pieces.

In the Caminos series, Bouroullec introduces ceramic frameworks that support cylindrical vases made from anodized aluminum. The familiar yet innovative design of Camino and Camini, which house one and two vases respectively, evokes a sense of home and growth. This design highlights the potential of Custom Products to offer both aesthetic pleasure and practical utility.

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The Candeliere candelabras, the final pieces in the collection, embody a modular system where cylinders connect to a parallelepiped. This allows for various combinations, offering endless possibilities for customization and interaction within the Design Gallery. The Candeliere candelabras not only illuminate spaces but also define textures and balances, creating dynamic relationships through their presence.

Each piece in this collection is limited to a run of 100, with an additional five Artist’s Proofs, underscoring their exclusivity and desirability. To explore and purchase these unique items, visit Mutina’s website at mutina.it.

Photography by Gerhardt Kellermann captures the intricate details and exquisite craftsmanship of Bouroullec’s designs. As the Senior Contributing Editor, Vy Yang passionately explores ways to live well and with intention through design, sharing her discoveries on Instagram and her personal website, vytranyang.com. This collection is a testament to the enduring allure of Custom Products and the transformative power of multidisciplinary design studios in the world of interior design.

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