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Revived Classics: Habitat’s 60th Collection

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Habitat, the iconic British furniture retailer, is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a collection that blends revived archive pieces with collaborations from emerging designers. This special collection showcases Habitat’s rich heritage and commitment to design innovation.

The 60 Years of Design collection features a mix of classic and contemporary designs. Established designers such as Sebastian Conran, Margo Selby, and Tord Boontje have contributed to the collection, alongside emerging talents like Planq, Silvia Kamodyová, and Simone Brewster. This collaboration highlights Habitat’s dedication to supporting both established and up-and-coming designers.

Among the revived archive pieces is the iconic chicken brick from 1964, a ceramic oven dish updated with a modern matte black glaze. Other classics include the Scoop chair from the 1970s and the Ribbon light from 2004, both of which have been reintroduced with a fresh perspective.

The collection also features new designs that pay homage to Habitat’s past. Silvia Kamodyová’s colorful ceramics reference the 1980s Graffiti sofa, while Will Hudson’s Lattice wire chair is inspired by wicker cone chairs from the 1970s. These designs showcase Habitat’s ability to reinterpret its heritage in a contemporary context.

One of the standout pieces in the collection is the Lucinda garden furniture, which features precise cut-outs that create captivating shadows. Planq’s XY60 coffee and side tables are another highlight, with surfaces made from recycled denim waste and legs in vibrant pops of blue or yellow.

Habitat’s head of design, Andrew Tanner, sees the 60th anniversary collection as an opportunity to celebrate the brand’s history while looking towards the future. He believes that the collection represents the next generation of design, with pieces that are both collectible and reflective of modern living.

The 60 Years of Design collection showcases Habitat’s enduring commitment to quality, design, and affordability. Despite its turbulent history, Habitat remains a stalwart in the world of furniture design, with a bright future ahead.

The Habitat 60th anniversary collection reflects several current furniture trends, including sustainability and the revival of classic designs. The use of recycled denim waste in Planq’s tables and the re-release of iconic pieces like the chicken brick demonstrate a growing interest in eco-friendly and timeless design. Additionally, the collection’s mix of established and emerging designers highlights the trend towards collaboration and inclusivity in the design world. Overall, the collection is a testament to Habitat’s ability to stay relevant and innovative in an ever-changing industry.

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