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Poppykalas’ New Rugs Bring Gardens Home

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Flowers have an undeniable charm, capable of evoking joy and a sense of peace. Danish floral designer and artist Thilde Maria Haukohl Kristensen, the founder and creative director of Poppykalas, has long understood this enchanting power. Her studio, Poppykalas, is renowned for transforming floral beauty into artful arrangements that span various mediums, from vases to canvases, and now, rugs. In a delightful second collaboration with Swedish interior brand Layered, Kristensen introduces two new rugs that encapsulate the magic of blooming gardens. This collection, aptly named “Magical Garden,” invites nature indoors in the most vibrant way.

Kristensen’s venture into rug design is relatively new, with her initial collection with Layered debuting in 2019. This earlier collaboration featured floral motifs, paving the way for the new collection. Reflecting on this journey, Kristensen notes, “As we embarked on this journey together, it became increasingly more clear how seamlessly the floral creations could be captured in vibrant floor coverings.” This seamless integration of floral artistry into textiles highlights the innovative spirit of her creative design studio.

The “Magical Garden” collection is entirely handmade, blending wool and Tencel to achieve a distinct sheen. One rug, named “Magical Garden,” showcases earthy tones of pale pink, peach, and orange, while the other, “Sleeping Flower,” contrasts with a dominant blue hue, representing the vast skies. Kristensen drew inspiration from the seasonal changes in her garden, reflecting colors from peonies, lilacs, sweet peas, and spring cherry blossoms to shape the organic patterns found in these rugs.

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“I am inspired by nature, always. The flowers are my muses,” Kristensen shares. “Their vivid colors, delicate textures, and otherworldly presence always amaze me. The abundance of nature reminds me of my connection to something greater, and it is that essence that I sought to capture in the collection.” Her profound connection with nature is evident in the way she translates its beauty into functional art pieces, making her rugs a perfect fit for anyone looking to bring the outdoors into their homes.

Kristensen’s ability to blend natural elements with contemporary design is what sets her apart in the realm of art design trends. Her rugs not only serve as floor coverings but also as pieces of art that infuse living spaces with a sense of serenity and natural beauty. This approach aligns with the ethos of a modern design art studio, where creativity and nature coexist harmoniously.

For those interested in handmade modern rugs, Kristensen’s “Magical Garden” collection offers a unique opportunity to own a piece that combines artistic expression with functional design. Each rug is a testament to her skill in capturing the essence of nature, making them ideal for those who appreciate the blend of art and craftsmanship.


The collaboration between Kristensen and Layered highlights the importance of partnerships in the creative industry. By merging Kristensen’s floral artistry with Layered’s expertise in interior design, the collection becomes a bridge between nature and modern living spaces. This synergy is a hallmark of a creative design studio, where different artistic disciplines come together to create something truly unique.

To explore the Poppykalas x Layered rug collection, visit layeredinterior.co and bring a piece of Kristensen’s enchanting garden into your home. As nature continues to inspire art design trends, Kristensen’s work stands out as a beautiful example of how floral motifs can be seamlessly integrated into contemporary interiors, creating spaces that are both stylish and serene.

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