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Pixelated Charm: Lunet Eyewear’s Bucharest Store

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Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio has once again showcased their innovative design approach in the new Lunet eyewear store in Bucharest. This is the third space the studio has designed for the brand, following their work on the inaugural store in Bucharest and another branch in Cluj-Napoca.

For this store, the studio wanted to create a playful and pixelated environment, playing with the concept of “blurry vision.” The interiors feature pixelated furnishings against translucent latex curtains, giving the space a unique and visually striking appearance.

Pixelated Charm

The use of pixelated design elements extends throughout the store, with glasses displayed on tall wooden shelving units that feature square cutouts mimicking the blocky form of pixels. Translucent latex curtains between the shelves add depth and texture to the space, creating an almost blurry vision-like effect.

Freestanding L-shaped partitions showcase more glasses, each incorporating a full-length mirror and set on wheels for easy movement. A seating area in the center of the store features wooden chairs with pixelated edging, adding to the overall pixelated theme.

Even the service desk and rug in the store feature pixel-style cutouts, contributing to the cohesive design concept. The eye test room at the rear of the store is painted brick-red, with a brightly-hued surrealist graphic on one wall, adding a touch of whimsy to the space.

The use of pixelated design gallery elements in the Lunet store creates a cohesive and visually engaging environment that sets it apart from traditional eyewear stores. Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio’s innovative approach to design shines through in this unique and playful space, making it a standout destination for eyewear enthusiasts in Bucharest.

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