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Pininfarina Unveils Oksýs Chaise Longue

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Italian design studio Pininfarina, celebrated for its iconic sports car designs, has launched its first collectible furniture piece, the Oksýs chaise longue. This unique creation seamlessly blends the studio’s renowned automotive aesthetic with sculptural artistry, epitomizing Pininfarina’s dedication to innovation and design excellence.

Oksýs, a limited-edition furniture object, was crafted to complement Pininfarina’s recent expansion into branded residential projects, such as the Cyrela development in São Paulo. The company, known for masterpieces like the Ferrari F40 and Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider, has a dedicated architecture and product design division. This multidisciplinary design studio collaborates on a wide array of projects, from air-traffic control towers to electric snowmobiles, reflecting its versatility and creativity.

The chaise longue was designed by in-house architect Marco Becucci, who sought to embody Pininfarina’s core values: balancing beauty with technical innovation. The Oksýs chaise longue is described as an “oxymoronic” object, featuring a smooth, aerodynamic upper seat inspired by sports car contours, juxtaposed with a rugged, rock-like base. This design philosophy highlights the harmony between artificial and natural elements, illustrating that man and nature are complementary forces.

Chaise Longue

The upper part of the seat showcases fluid, ergonomic lines, recalling Pininfarina’s automotive heritage. In contrast, the lower portion of the chaise longue resembles a coarse, crystal-like rock that gently touches the ground. Becucci explained that this design aims to elicit a sense of surprise and awe, transforming a classic furniture typology into a modern, sculptural piece.

The Oksýs chaise longue was developed through a meticulous process, similar to that used in Pininfarina’s car and skyscraper designs. This involved sketching, ergonomic testing, computer-aided modeling, and physical model-making using CNC milling. The 1:1 scale prototype was crafted from polyurethane and finished with a shiny epoxy resin, creating a metallic effect. Pininfarina intends to collaborate with specialist metal foundries to cast the piece in steel or aluminum, ensuring its durability and enhancing its visual impact.

multidisciplinary design studio

The prototype was unveiled at Rossana Orlandi’s gallery during Milan Design Week, emphasizing Pininfarina’s seamless transition from automotive design to high-end furniture. As a multidisciplinary design studio, Pininfarina’s ability to innovate across various fields is evident in this exclusive piece. Only three examples of Oksýs will be produced, making it a rare and highly sought-after collectible.

Pininfarina’s move into collectible furniture complements its diverse portfolio, which includes collaborations with bicycle makers Diavelo and Czech manufacturer Zetor. This approach allows Pininfarina to push the boundaries of design and innovation, consistently creating products that combine functionality with aesthetic excellence.

The Oksýs chaise longue exemplifies Pininfarina’s dedication to redefining everyday objects through thoughtful design and craftsmanship. By merging elements of automotive engineering with interior aesthetics, Pininfarina continues to set new standards in both industries, proving that true innovation knows no bounds.

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