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Peace Crystal: Mariko Mori’s Spiritual Evolution in Art

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In the serene gardens of Palazzo Corner della Ca’ Granda in Venice, Italy, an ethereal presence has emerged — Mariko Mori’s “Peace Crystal.” Standing tall at 167.5 cm, this crystalline marvel transcends mere artistry, delving deep into the realms of spirituality and human evolution. Inspired by Buddhist philosophy, Mori’s installation symbolizes the eternal journey of the soul through cycles of life, death, and rebirth, encapsulating humanity’s quest for peace and interconnectedness.

Mori’s vision of “Peace Crystal” blends evolutionary biology with spiritual symbolism, challenging conventional dichotomies. For her, spirituality has not only complemented but catalyzed human evolution, fostering intelligence and creativity across cultures and centuries. This intersection of art design and spirituality underscores humanity’s ongoing quest for understanding and harmony.

Crafted meticulously from crystal glass using ancient Roman glass casting techniques, “Peace Crystal” embodies purity and transparency, refracting light to create a prism effect that captivates viewers. The spherical core, coated with a dichroic finish, reflects Mori’s dedication to combining modern innovation with timeless materials.

Faou Foundation, founded by Mori, champions the integration of art with ecological awareness through global installations like “Peace Crystal.” As a nonprofit organization, Faou promotes the intrinsic value of nature and humanity’s symbiotic relationship with the planet. Through collaborative efforts with local communities worldwide, Faou ensures that each installation not only enriches its environment aesthetically but also educates and engages the community in sustainable practices and cultural preservation.

The journey of “Peace Crystal” extends beyond Venice, with plans for permanent installation in an Ethiopian cave. This strategic choice reflects Faou Foundation’s commitment to placing artworks in unique ecological settings, enhancing local ecosystems, and fostering cultural dialogue. Each site chosen for these installations celebrates its natural beauty and cultural heritage, creating lasting connections between multidisciplinary design studios, art, environment, and community.

Mariko Mori’s collaborative approach involves working closely with local communities to integrate artworks harmoniously into their surroundings. This inclusive process not only ensures environmental sustainability but also promotes cultural exchange and pride among residents. The artworks become symbols of mutual respect between humanity and nature, advocating for a future where art and ecology thrive hand in hand.

As “Peace Crystal” continues to inspire contemplation and dialogue in Venice and beyond, it exemplifies Mori’s vision of art as a catalyst for global harmony. Through its presence in diverse ecological settings, from Venetian gardens to Ethiopian caves, the installation invites us to reflect on our interconnectedness with nature and each other. Mori’s integration of spirituality with artistic expression resonates profoundly in a world seeking balance and understanding amidst rapid change.

In conclusion, Mariko Mori’s “Peace Crystal” stands not only as a testament to artistic innovation but also as a beacon of hope for a world united in peace and environmental stewardship. Through Faou Foundation’s visionary initiatives, art becomes a transformative force, bridging cultures, honoring nature, and inspiring future generations to embrace creativity and sustainability. This installation transcends traditional boundaries of design galleries and embodies the spirit of multidisciplinary art and the ethos of modern design art studios.

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