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Parla’s Loop: Custom Furniture Debut

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Parla, the renowned Istanbul-based family company, is set to make a splash at Milan Design Week 2024 with its latest collection, Loop. This new series of sofas and armchairs, envisioned by Hines Fischer and Matthew Goodrich of Goodrich studio in New York, follows the successful debut of the Hew collection at IMM Cologne 2024. Hew marked the first-ever collaboration between Parla and Goodrich, showcasing their ability to create luxurious and durable custom furniture designs.

Loop draws on the rich heritage and craftsmanship that Parla is known for, while incorporating cutting-edge technology in woodwork, metalwork, and upholstery. The collection is a testament to Parla’s evolution into a modern operation with over 300 dedicated employees and offices in major cities worldwide. Loop is designed to meet the latest market trends, offering solutions that create a sense of home and comfort in public spaces like lobbies and lounges, as well as premium areas like penthouse suites.

Custom furniture design is a hallmark of Parla’s collaborations, and Loop is no exception. The collection consists of a sofa and lounge chair, upholstered in a choice of fabric or leather to enhance their plump lines. The design encourages guests to spend more time in communal areas, fostering a sense of connection and comfort. Loop’s soft, organic shapes provide a peaceful refuge from the hustle and bustle of daily life, making it ideal for contract and hospitality projects.

In addition to Loop, Parla presents Hew, a collection of sofas and armchairs that exemplifies the company’s expertise in custom furniture design. The name “Hew” is inspired by the wedge-like shape of the wood legs, which appear to split the fabric apart like an axe splitting timber. This collection allows for unique opportunities to play with directional patterns, thanks to the way the upholstery wraps around the arms, seat, and back in unbroken swaths.

With Loop and Hew, Parla continues to push the boundaries of custom furniture design, offering architects and designers versatile and innovative solutions for their projects. The collections showcase Parla’s commitment to quality, creativity, and collaboration, making them a must-see at Milan Design Week 2024.

project info:

company: Parla | @parla_design
design: Goodrich, Matthew Goodrich and Hines Fischer | @goodrich.nyc
products: Hew; Loop
photography: Burak Teoman | @burakteoman

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