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PAF PAF Lounge: Custom Comfort Design

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Marialaura Irvine + Konstantin Grcic Discuss the New PAF PAF Lounge Chair

The PAF PAF Lounge chair, a recent addition to the Mattiazzi collection, is the result of a collaboration between Marialaura Irvine and Konstantin Grcic. Structured yet imperfect, this wooden armchair maintains the essence of simple lines, offering a comfortable and inviting seating experience.

Custom Furniture Design

The PAF PAF Lounge chair exemplifies the essence of custom furniture design, where each element is carefully crafted to create a unique and functional piece. Irvine and Grcic’s attention to detail is evident in the chair’s form, materials, and comfort, showcasing their commitment to innovation in furniture design.

Furniture Design

Design Process and Inspiration

Inspired by the original PAF PAF Chair, which debuted at Salone del Mobile 2023, Irvine and Grcic sought to expand the collection with a lounge chair that redefined comfort. The lounge chair’s structure is not only functional but also incredibly comfortable, featuring two soft feather cushions that mold to the user’s body over time.

Sustainability and Materials

One of the key focuses of the project was sustainability, particularly regarding the chair’s upholstery. Irvine and Grcic opted for alternative materials, such as Sorensen Leather and natural fiber by Torri Lana 1885, to ensure both comfort and sustainability. These materials not only enhance the chair’s adaptability but also contribute to its aesthetic appeal.

The Vision for the Chair

The PAF PAF Lounge chair is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a modern-day throne that embodies simplicity and character. Irvine and Grcic envisioned the chair as a versatile piece that can seamlessly integrate into any environment, offering a comfortable and stylish seating option for a wide range of users.

Future Applications and Environments

The versatility of the PAF PAF Lounge chair allows it to be used in various settings, from modern penthouses to Venetian villas. Whether dressed in leather or upholstered in textured fabric, the lounge chair provides a cozy spot for relaxation, making it suitable for different lifestyles and preferences.

Odor-Free Trash: ZitA Square Can
Peel Lighting: Steel Elegance by Frandsen