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Oki Sato’s Colorful Hana-arashi Collection

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Nendo founder Oki Sato, known for his innovative designs, embarked on a colorful journey with the Hana-arashi furniture collection for Paola Lenti, showcased at Milan Design Week. This departure from Nendo’s typically monochrome aesthetic brought forth a vibrant collaboration celebrating Mediterranean living and sustainability. Multidisciplinary design studio Nendo’s partnership with Paola Lenti resulted in an unconventional approach, utilizing leftover materials to craft a collection named after the Japanese term for “flower storm.”

The Hana-arashi collection reflects Sato’s exploration of color and materiality, showcasing his ingenuity in repurposing fabric offcuts into a semi-solid material for furniture pieces. This innovative process, which involved experimentation with fabric scraps, led to the creation of a unique texture and consistency, highlighting Sato’s commitment to sustainable design practices.

Each piece in the collection embodies a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, with the colorful material offering a tactile experience while retaining durability. Sato’s meticulous experimentation, including microwaving and ironing the fabric, resulted in a mono-material approach, eliminating the need for adhesives or stitching.

The vibrant hues featured in the Hana-arashi collection mark a departure from Nendo’s typical design language, providing a refreshing burst of color after years of monochrome creations. This shift allowed Sato to explore a spectrum of colors, showcasing his versatility as a designer and his willingness to embrace new creative challenges.

Drawing inspiration from nature, particularly the changing colors of autumn leaves and the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms, Sato infused the collection with organic patterns and motifs. The name “Hana-arashi” evokes the image of petals dancing in the wind, symbolizing the cyclical nature of creation and renewal.

The launch of the Hana-arashi collection at Milan Design Week provided a platform for Sato to showcase his multidisciplinary approach to design, bridging the gap between art, functionality, and sustainability. Visitors to Paola Lenti’s showroom were greeted by a captivating display, where leftover fabric scraps were transformed into a curtain resembling leaves in motion, inviting them to experience the essence of the collection firsthand.

Through the Hana-arashi collection, Oki Sato and Paola Lenti demonstrate the transformative power of design, turning waste into beauty and offering a glimpse into a more colorful and sustainable future.

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