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New Collaborative Lighting by d’Armes

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d’Armes has unveiled two innovative lighting collections at this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), highlighting the synergy between emerging designers and the renowned brand’s commitment to innovation. These collections, Doppler by Florian Martin and 1979 by Will Choui, epitomize the blend of form and function, offering captivating aesthetics and modern design solutions.

The Doppler Collection by Belgian designer Florian Martin draws inspiration from the Doppler effect, which describes the change in frequency of waves as two objects move relative to each other. This collection, including a floor lamp, pendant, and sconce, explores shape and perspective through mirrored finishes, echoing the essence of water. The Doppler floor lamp stands as a sleek, metallic piece with a dome-shaped shade, ideal for minimalist interiors. The pendant lamp, with its multiple arched layers, and the wall sconces, emitting warm light from their curved designs, are perfect for creating a dynamic yet harmonious atmosphere in any space.

Will Choui’s 1979 Collection embraces the brutalist aesthetic of the late 1970s, inspired by the SMC building in Sydney, Australia. The collection’s pendant lamps and floor lamps, constructed entirely out of aluminum, offer a raw yet refined feel that marries utilitarian performance with a nuanced appreciation for the traditionally “harsh” visual language of the era. Choui’s design integrates modern sensibilities with architectural heritage, making these pieces a seamless fit for contemporary interiors seeking to incorporate elements of custom furniture design.

Both collections are crafted in d’Armes’ Canadian workshop, utilizing recyclable aluminum and steel sourced from local suppliers. The brand’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their practice of carbon offsetting when shipping products globally. This approach not only minimizes environmental impact but also aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly design solutions.

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The ICFF debut of these collections underscores the importance of collaboration in the design world, where emerging talents like Martin and Choui can shine alongside established brands. Their innovative designs exemplify d’Armes’ dedication to fostering architectural updates that resonate with both aesthetic appeal and functional brilliance.

For more information on these remarkable collections, visit darmes.ca. The Doppler and 1979 lines are not just lighting fixtures; they are a testament to the creative synergy that defines modern design. With each piece, d’Armes continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in lighting and interior design, making a significant impact on the landscape of contemporary custom furniture design and architecture.

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