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Nest Installation: Art Transforms Old Mast

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In Tallinn, Estonia, a unique art installation called “Nest” now graces the Noblessner port, transforming a rusted light mast into a luminous bird’s nest. This project, commissioned by real estate developers Merko Ehitus Eesti, was brought to life by the collaboration between Estonian design agency Velvet and lighting design studio UN-LIKE. The concept was inspired by a whimsical sketch from five-year-old Stina Onemar, who envisioned a bird’s nest adorning the rusted mast. Her innocent creativity has been expertly translated into an impactful piece of art design that enriches the urban landscape.

Once a major submarine shipyard before World War I, the Noblessner port has been reimagined as a vibrant seafront quarter. The “Nest” installation, perched atop a former lighting mast, symbolizes renewal and the repurposing of old structures. Crafted from repurposed materials, the project highlights sustainable practices in art design, breathing new life into long-unused industrial remnants. The branches of the nest are made from leftover roof edge trim, chosen for their flexibility and ability to seamlessly weave around the steel frame supporting the eggs. These eggs, created using rotational molding technology, are made of polyethylene, ensuring they are weather-resistant and require minimal maintenance.

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The “Nest” installation not only illuminates the port but also serves as a beacon of innovation and collaboration in art design. The metal components are painted to match the existing rusted mast, and over time, they will blend even more harmoniously with their surroundings as natural wear and patina set in. This evolving aesthetic mimics the way stork nests integrate with human-made objects, reflecting the interconnectedness of nature and urban environments.

Visible from multiple angles and distances, the “Nest” is both a landmark and a functional piece of art design. It is powered by LED lighting, ensuring optimal brightness and visibility from the nearby road and sea, making it a guiding light for ships and a point of interest for visitors. The installation not only enlivens the public space during the day but also transforms it into a magical spectacle at night.

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This project exemplifies the power of art design to transform spaces and create meaningful connections between past and present. The young artist, Stina Onemar, played a crucial role in sparking this creative journey, proving that imagination knows no age. The collaborative efforts of Velvet, UN-LIKE, and Merko Ehitus Eesti have culminated in an installation that celebrates creativity, sustainability, and the beauty of repurposed materials. The “Nest” at Noblessner port stands as a testament to the transformative power of art design, turning a simple sketch into a landmark of innovation and beauty.

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