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Neo Px: Bioengineered Houseplant Purifying Indoor Air

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In the realm of innovative biotechnology and sustainable living solutions, Neoplants unveils Neo Px, a pioneering houseplant designed to combat indoor air pollution effectively. Harnessing the power of bioengineering, Neo Px integrates a Marble Queen Pothos plant renowned for its air-purifying qualities with a sophisticated Bioengineered Microbiome. This microbiome, composed of specially engineered microorganisms, targets and metabolizes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as Benzene, Toluene, and Xylene—common pollutants found in indoor environments.

Neo Px stands out as a testament to Neoplants’ dedication to merging nature with cutting-edge technology. Developed over five years, the bioengineered microorganisms undergo directed evolution, enhancing their natural ability to degrade harmful pollutants into beneficial byproducts like sugars and amino acids. Packaged as Power Drops, these dried bacteria are dissolved in water and applied to the plant’s soil, where they are absorbed to aid in air purification.

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The plant’s innovative shell, crafted from eco-friendly PLA flax, complements its air-purifying capabilities by optimizing air intake. This synergistic design not only enhances the plant’s health and root growth but also minimizes maintenance with a self-watering system, requiring watering only every few weeks. Neo Px represents a holistic approach to sustainable living, aligning aesthetic appeal with environmental responsibility.

Neoplants‘ commitment to innovation extends beyond functionality, incorporating elements of design and craftsmanship. The plant’s sleek, modern shell embodies contemporary design principles, integrating seamlessly into any interior space. This blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal positions Neo Px not just as a purifier but as a statement piece in custom interior design and multidisciplinary design studio environments.

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In conclusion, Neo Px by Neoplants exemplifies the intersection of biotechnology and art design, offering an elegant solution to indoor air quality through its bioengineered microbiome and stylish shell. Ideal for design galleries and multidisciplinary design studios, Neo Px invites users to enhance their living spaces with sustainable technology that merges beauty with purpose.

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