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Moss Self-Watering Grow Lamp

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California-based startup Moss is revolutionizing indoor gardening with its innovative Self-Watering Grow Lamp. This sleek and modern lamp not only provides light but also takes care of watering and nourishing plants and herbs, making it easier than ever to maintain a green space indoors.

The Self-Watering Grow Lamp features a minimalist design with an all-white shade that blends seamlessly into any space. The lamp employs a unique lighting design that mimics natural sunlight, ensuring that plants and herbs receive the light they need to thrive, day or night.

At the base of the lamp, a circular pot holds the plants and herbs, while also serving as a reservoir for water and nutrients. Users can easily refill the reservoir and adjust the lamp’s water schedule to suit the needs of their plants. The use of expanded clay instead of soil allows plants to grow organically, without the need for chemicals or pesticides.

One of the standout features of Moss’ Self-Watering Grow Lamp is its customizable light intensity range, which can be adjusted from Plant Growth to Sunset Glow. This allows users to provide the right amount of light for their plants, preventing them from being exposed to too much sunlight.

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Moss, founded by Nicolas Riano and Strahinja Spasojević, is dedicated to creating innovative solutions for indoor gardening. Their Self-Watering Grow Lamp is a testament to their commitment to sustainability and convenience.

Currently, Moss is preparing to launch a campaign to allow fans to learn more about and reserve their Self-Watering Grow Lamp, with a planned launch date of April 16th, 2024. This lamp is set to revolutionize indoor gardening, making it easier and more accessible for everyone to cultivate plants and herbs in their own homes.

For more information about Moss’ Self-Watering Grow Lamp and to stay updated on their campaign, visit their website at moss.com.

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