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Moooi & Reisinger: From Virtual to Real

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Dutch design brand Moooi has made waves in the furniture industry by partnering with 3D artist Andrés Reisinger to bring his virtual Hortensia chair into the physical realm. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, as it is believed to be the first time a product originally designed for the digital world has been mass-produced.

The Hortensia chair, initially conceived in 2018 as a purely digital piece, has now been transformed into a physical chair covered in over 30,000 fabric petals. This transformation required innovative thinking and collaboration to achieve a design that was once thought impossible to produce.

Reisinger’s chair challenges traditional notions of furniture design, pushing the boundaries of form, texture, and production methods. The use of laser-cut polyester fabric for the petals demonstrates a fusion of digital design and craftsmanship, resulting in a chair that is not only visually striking but also technically impressive.

The partnership between Moooi and Reisinger exemplifies a new era in custom furniture design, where digital tools and technologies play a central role in the creation of unique and innovative pieces. This approach opens up exciting possibilities for designers to explore new concepts and bring them to life in ways that were previously unimaginable.

Moooi & Reisinger

The Hortensia chair’s journey from viral rendering to tangible product highlights the evolving nature of the design industry. By embracing digital design and production methods, designers and brands can create custom furniture that not only captivates visually but also pushes the boundaries of what is achievable in furniture design.

This collaboration between Moooi and Reisinger not only brings a unique and innovative chair to the market but also sets a precedent for future collaborations between designers and brands. It demonstrates the potential of digital design to inspire and inform the creation of physical objects, paving the way for new possibilities in custom furniture design.

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