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MINNA’s ‘Portals’: Art-Inspired Wallpapers

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MINNA, a beloved queer-owned home goods brand, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with a groundbreaking expansion into the world of wallpaper. Known for their ethically-made textiles, MINNA’s founder Sara Berks brings her artistic vision to life with the “Portals” wallpaper series, inspired by her original paintings. Berks, who has a penchant for pattern-based imagery, has named this collection aptly, as it serves as a gateway to new artistic realms.

The “Portals” collection features seven distinct styles: Tower, Vision, Portals, Painted Grid, Terrace, Vine, and Quilt. Each design captures a painterly, handmade touch that transforms walls into works of art. Berks’ intricate patterns and artistic flair are evident in each style, creating a seamless blend of art design that elevates any room’s aesthetic.

A close-up of the “Quilt” wallpaper in Terracotta reveals the meticulous detail and vibrant hues that characterize the series. The geometric and abstract patterns of the collection echo the original paintings that inspired them, making each wallpaper style feel like a framed artwork. This painterly approach ensures that no trip to the framers is needed; these wallpapers infuse artistic sophistication effortlessly into any space.

MINNA’s venture into wallpaper is complemented by their use of digital printing techniques, allowing for nearly commercial-grade fabric options. This expansion not only broadens their home offerings but also underscores their commitment to art design. As Berks shares, “Portals is an exciting new direction for us. As a company that has always defined itself by the technique and thought that goes into each product, utilizing digital methods opens a new world for us.” This approach mirrors the collaborative relationship they maintain with their artisan weavers, ensuring that their manufacturing partners share their ethical values and dedication to sustainable processes.

The “Portals” collection exemplifies MINNA’s ability to merge artistry with functionality. The wallpapers, available in styles like “Tower” in Earth and “Grid” in Moonlight, showcase how art design can transform living spaces into vibrant, expressive environments. The designs evoke a sense of connection to the handmade and the natural world, making each wallpaper not just a decorative element, but a piece of art.

As MINNA celebrates these milestones, the brand continues to solidify its place in the hearts of design enthusiasts. The “Portals” collection invites us to incorporate MINNA’s unique artistic vision into our homes, enriching our living spaces with the beauty of art design. With a commitment to craft and a passion for innovation, MINNA’s wallpapers offer a new way to experience the brand’s ethos of living well and with intention.

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