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Mediterránea: Artisanal Zellige Tiles

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Damián López and Carlos Jiménez present Mediterránea, a collection of handcrafted zellige tiles that reimagine the charm of Hispano-Arabic architecture. Drawing on a millenary artisanal technique, the tiles explore contemporary expressions inspired by forms found in nature. The collection includes six different designs that can be configured in endless compositions across walls or floors.

Inspired by traditional crafts and materials used in Moroccan and Andalusian ways of living, Mediterránea evokes vibrant hues and Islamic geometric motifs found across the walls of the Alhambra. Developed for Spanish firm todobarro in collaboration with Aït Manos, the collection re-envisions artisanal expressions of zellige, preserving the traditional method of producing these tiles.

Mediterránea embraces Andalusian geometries and hues, with designs based on plants, natural fibers, and the Alboran Sea. The collection captures the historic charm of Hispano-Arabic architecture while offering a contemporary twist. These tiles are not just functional but also pieces of art, adding a touch of creativity and tradition to any space.


The collaboration between Damián López, Carlos Jiménez, todobarro, and Aït Manos exemplifies the essence of a creative design studio, where artisans and designers come together to push boundaries and create something truly unique. The Mediterránea collection is a testament to the beauty and versatility of zellige tiles, showcasing the endless possibilities of this ancient craft in contemporary design.

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