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McCafferty’s Mythic Sculptures: A Fusion of Form

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Casey McCafferty’s exhibition, “Head Hand Foot,” at Gallery FUMI is a captivating exploration of mythology and human anatomy through sculpture and furniture design. Running from May 9th to June 29th, 2024, the exhibition showcases McCafferty’s unique approach to craftsmanship and his unconventional use of natural materials.

In this exhibition, McCafferty’s work takes on a primal, freestyle sensibility, with pieces identifiable by their totemic presence, lumps, bumps, and facial features. Drawing inspiration from ancient art, including Greek and Oceanic influences, McCafferty’s sculptures playfully incorporate body parts like thrusting hands, popping eyes, and jutting noses, creating humorous yet human forms.

Gallery FUMI has been transformed into a gallery of wonders, with McCafferty’s sculptures and furniture pieces drawing viewers into a world where mythology and human anatomy intertwine. Each piece tells a story, blending contemporary narratives with ancient mythologies to explore the interconnectedness of humanity.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is McCafferty’s use of raw materials. Coming from a family of stone masons, McCafferty fell in love with wood early on, and his sculptures showcase the unique sculptural possibilities of this material. Using a range of chisels and mallets, mostly customized with curly maple handles, McCafferty creates soft and alluring biomorphic forms that are an extension of his physical self.

Gallery FUMI also features McCafferty’s bold fusion of furniture design and sculptural art. Standout works include the Cairn Table, made from walnut and soapstone, and a coffee table in ash oxidized to create a weathered finish. These pieces showcase McCafferty’s willingness to experiment with different materials and skill sets, pushing the boundaries of texture and color.

Mythic Sculptures

As part of “Head Hand Foot,” McCafferty unveils a series of cabinets for the first time since moving away from high-end furniture design. These cabinets serve as a 360-degree canvas, with figurative features carved on all sides, blurring the line between sculpture and functional furniture.

Furniture Trends in this exhibition highlight McCafferty’s innovative approach to design, merging mythology, human anatomy, and sculptural art. His work reflects a trend towards more expressive and imaginative furniture pieces that tell a story and evoke a sense of wonder.

Overall, Casey McCafferty’s “Head Hand Foot” exhibition at Gallery FUMI is a testament to his skill as a sculptor and furniture designer. His bold, multidimensional designs challenge traditional boundaries, offering viewers a glimpse into a world where mythology and human anatomy come alive in sculptural form.

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