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Lighting Up Shenzhen: Isle of Light

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A captivating spectacle has emerged in the bustling heart of Shenzhen’s Futian District Citizen Square, courtesy of MARS Studio‘s visionary installation, Isle of Light. Commissioned by the 2023 Glow Shenzhen Organizing Committee, this dynamic creation is more than just an array of steel and strings – it’s an invitation to pause, reflect, and connect during urban chaos.

Isle of Light comprises four gracefully curved steel structures, adorned with intricately woven strings that dance with the play of light and shadow. The result is a mesmerizing spiral of semi-enclosed space, reminiscent of an urban island amidst the bustling cityscape. Each installation component symbolizes a unique individual, their continuous circling and overlapping encouraging encounters and exchanges between strangers and friends.

Lighting Up Shenzhen

At its core, Isle of Light is a contemplation of the distance between people in today’s fast-paced urban life. Through three levels of interaction – between individuals and the installation, among visitors, and between form and city – MARS Studio has crafted a space where connections are nurtured and communication facilitated. Visitors are invited to walk, stand, or simply observe their surroundings, engulfed in the evolving colors and rays that envelop them.

Isle of Light

What sets Isle of Light apart is its ability to transcend the physical realm, offering viewers a glimpse into intertwined images of themselves and others in different dimensions of time and space. Here, light becomes the space sculptor, infusing the environment with a sense of spirituality and wonder.

Isle of Light


In a world where we are often consumed by our own devices, the Isle of Light serves as a poignant reminder of the power of human connection. As visitors immerse themselves in this hazy island of overlapping illusions and motion, they are reminded that amidst the chaos of urban life, there is always space for reflection, interaction, and the beauty of shared experiences.

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