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Lee Broom’s Mythical Lighting Unveiled

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British designer Lee Broom has unveiled his latest lighting collection, “The Alchemist,” during NYCxDesign, showcased in an evocative installation within his personal Tribeca penthouse. This new collection, featuring pendants, chandeliers, and wall sconces, draws inspiration from Brazilian author Paulo Coelho’s book, “The Alchemist,” exploring themes of astrology, mythology, and folklore.

The lighting pieces, named Mythos, King, Solstice, and Gemini, highlight Broom’s mastery of materials and form. Multidisciplinary design studio Lee Broom has created a series of lights that are as much art pieces as functional objects. Crafted predominantly from brass, with accents of glass, acrylic, and leather, the collection features geometric shapes and interlocking volumes. The standout piece, the King chandelier, showcases spiky brass elements and sits prominently at the center of the showroom.

Broom’s reading of “The Alchemist” inspired him to delve into the concepts of alchemy, both physical and metaphysical. This influence is evident in the materiality and design of the lighting pieces. The installation in Broom’s penthouse transforms the grand room into a space reminiscent of Bedouin tents, with mauve curtains and drapery creating an immersive environment. Tables adorned with books, candles, and an antique globe further enhance the atmosphere, inviting visitors to experience the collection in a setting that reflects its narrative and inspirations.

The Alchemist collection includes the King pendant and the Solstice light, both characterized by spheres enclosed within metallic volumes. The Gemini wall sconce features a split cylinder design, creating a dynamic interplay of light and shadow. Designed in New York and produced in Broom’s London factory, the collection represents a harmonious blend of his creative influences from both cities.

Lee Broom

“I have completely reimagined the main room of the space, creating an atmosphere that reflects the story and inspirations of ‘The Alchemist’ and the materiality of the products,” Broom explained. This immersive approach allows visitors to appreciate the new collection within a residential context, highlighting how the pieces can transform a living space.

The unveiling of The Alchemist collection coincides with NYCxDesign, a vibrant celebration of design throughout New York City. Broom’s installation is part of a larger festival running from May 16 to 23, featuring numerous exhibitions, installations, and talks. As a renowned figure in the design world, Broom also recently presented his largest exhibition at Milan Design Week, inspired by brutalist architecture, and will serve as a judge for the Dezeen Awards 2024.

Visitors can view The Alchemist collection at the Lee Broom Penthouse in Tribeca from May 17 to 23. This debut provides a unique opportunity to experience Broom’s latest work in an intimate and personal setting, showcasing the innovative designs of his multidisciplinary design studio.

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