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Korean Craft by SWNA & Fritz Hansen

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SWNA, a multidisciplinary design studio, collaborated with Fritz Hansen to showcase Korean craftsmanship at the Fritz Hansen 150th Anniversary Exhibition in Seoul. Founder Sukwoo Lee’s designs, the Drop Tray and Drop Light, embody the theme of “Eternal Beauty” with their nature-inspired forms.

The Drop Tray, available in small, medium, and large sizes, is a three-dimensional marvel that plays with intersecting and joining lines. CNC machining was essential to achieve the trays’ delicate curves, showcasing SWNA’s mastery of form and technique.

Korean Craft
Korean Craft

Lee’s inspiration for the Drop Tray came from the contrast between organic curves and straight lines found in Korean nature. This contrast creates a dynamic form that embodies harmony and newness, reflecting the studio’s deep connection to Korean culture and design philosophy.

The Drop Light, a sculptural masterpiece, echoes the fluid curves of the Drop Tray. Its nesting parabolic forms, held together by a cylindrical wood base, are a testament to SWNA’s innovative approach to lighting design.

SWNA’s exploration of CNC automated manufacturing and nature-inspired forms is not new. The studio’s Chimney Light Series and Leaf Tray series, created a decade prior, exemplify SWNA’s experimental ethos and commitment to craftsmanship.

The Fritz Hansen 150th Anniversary Exhibition provided a platform for SWNA to showcase its interpretation of Fritz Hansen’s legacy. By infusing Korean craftsmanship with Fritz Hansen’s sensibility, SWNA has created a collection that is both timeless and contemporary.

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