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KKEKK’s Hand Bags: Fantastical Fashion

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Seoul-based multidisciplinary design studio KKEKK is reimagining accessories with a playful twist. Their Hand Bag series is a whimsical collection inspired by human anatomy, specifically oversized human hands. The concept stemmed from the designer’s imagination of mutated body parts, evolving into a lighthearted and amusing take on everyday accessories.

The Hand Bags are not just humorous; they are also functional. Constructed using plush doll-making techniques, these bags feature cotton stuffing for a soft texture. The spacious palm and finger compartments offer practical storage for small items, while the playful design encourages users to explore different ways of carrying and using the bags. According to the designer, KKEKK, “It doesn’t just stop at being a bag; it can be used in various ways. You can put your hand in the bag and use the giant hand to wave or shake hands.”

KKEKK’s work embodies a unique blend of art and design, showcasing a range of senses and fantasy in her creations. Her installations and accessories reflect a process of expanding suppressed fantasies into tangible forms, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in her ‘paracosm’ – a specific fantasy world she has created. Through her exhibitions, KKEKK aims to stimulate the senses and provoke connections among visitors, showcasing her distinct approach to design and creativity.

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