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Kiki Goti’s Selene Exhibition at Alcova

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Kiki Goti’s latest exhibition, Selene, debuted to resounding acclaim at Alcova during Milan Design Week 2024, captivating audiences with its unique take on architecture’s iconic liminal space: the vestibule. Known for her ability to transform typically underrepresented spaces, Goti’s work offers a fresh perspective on the interplay between public and private realms.

Selene, aptly named after the Greek moon goddess, presents a collection of objects that synthesize elements of the home to create a sanctuary for introspection. Goti’s designs, including the Nested Chair, Moon Bench, Nuphar Mirror, and Celestial Table Lamp, explore luminosity through meticulous craftsmanship, inviting reflection in both a literal and metaphorical sense.

The Nested Chair and Moon Bench, produced in Paris, are characterized by their extruded shapes and latticework. The chair’s angular design evokes a Duomo-like silhouette, while the bench features circular glass plates secured to the seat. The Celestial Table Lamp, crafted in Manhattan, complements its counterparts with tiny oblong appliques secured by nodes, creating a cohesive aesthetic. The Nuphar Mirror, the collection’s centerpiece, was manufactured by Vetralia in Venice, known for their glass expertise. Its design references lily pads in both color and form, enhanced by hand-painted Murano glass orbs.

Exhibition at Alcova

Goti’s exhibition is a testament to her ability to blend form, function, and ornamentation, a skill honed through her experiences as an architect and educator. Her work challenges traditional design dichotomies—soft versus hard, artificial versus natural, feminine versus masculine—demonstrating the power of a nuanced, integrated approach.

The success of Selene at Milan Design Week signals a broader renaissance in the appreciation of transitional spaces like the vestibule. Goti’s contemplative interpretation of these spaces, focusing on inward exploration rather than outward ostentation, resonates with a contemporary audience seeking depth and meaning in design.

Kiki Goti's Selene Exhibition

Goti’s designs are a product of a multidisciplinary design studio approach, leveraging her architectural background and material fabrication prowess. This approach allows her to create pieces that are not only visually stunning but also deeply functional, embodying the essence of modern design thinking.

As Selene continues to dazzle audiences from Paris to New York, Goti hints at future collaborations and an expanded collection. “I’m excited about the potential for further collaborations with brands and artisans sparked by this collection… I really enjoyed the process and am currently working on some exciting collaborations that will be unveiled soon,” she shares.

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