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Jérôme Pereira’s Sculptural Lamps

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Designer Jérôme Pereira pushes the boundaries of balance and creativity with his unique lighting sculptures crafted from foraged tree branches. In his inaugural solo exhibition, “Celestial Attraction,” showcased during Milan Design Week by design gallery Philia, Pereira presented nine meticulously balanced works that blur the lines between art and design.

Philia, known for its innovative and boundary-pushing exhibitions, highlighted Pereira’s sculptural prowess in balancing blown-glass lamps delicately suspended from ceiling-hung branches or supported by tripod-like structures formed by the branches themselves. Each piece is a study in balance, with Pereira carefully considering the placement of glass elements in relation to counterweights to achieve perfect equilibrium.

Pereira’s background in science, having studied physics and geophysics, shines through in his designs, which often draw inspiration from scientific theories about the cosmos. This blend of natural materials and scientific concepts lends his work a deep, philosophical dimension, adding to the contemporary artistic landscape.

One of the standout pieces, the “SI-02” lighting sculpture, named after an asteroid nomenclature, features an ash branch with smooth, hollow forms at one end, echoing the shapes of glass pendants hanging from the opposite side. This piece, like many of Pereira’s works, is evocative of the origins of life on Earth, drawing parallels to meteorites and comets.

Jérôme Pereira Sculptural Lamps

Pereira’s collaboration with Philia marks a significant moment in his career, elevating him to the status of a luminary in contemporary sculpture. His ability to merge natural materials with scientific concepts results in works that are not only visually stunning but also conceptually rich.

The “Celestial Attraction” exhibition also featured textile works by Pereira’s partner, French textile artist Sylvia Eustache Rools, adding another layer of depth to the showcase.

Overall, Pereira’s work challenges the boundaries of what is possible with natural materials, demonstrating a keen eye for balance and a deep understanding of both art and science. His lighting sculptures are not just functional objects but also pieces of art that provoke thought and contemplation, making them truly custom products that redefine the boundaries of design.

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