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Innovative Anxiety Relief Vest: RO

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The RIMOWA Design Prize 2024 recently showcased innovative designs, with Janne Kreimer’s winning entry, RO, standing out. RO is a therapeutic vest embedded with soft robots designed to alleviate anxiety by targeting acupressure points across the body. This wearable technology merges exposure therapy with modern design, offering a novel approach to anxiety relief.

The RO vest features inflatable soft robots strategically placed around a waistcoat, made from TPU-coated nylon fabric. These robots gently inflate or trigger inflation to stimulate acupressure points, which can vary based on the wearer’s body shape, age, and gender. To ensure precise targeting, Kreimer employs a body scan that creates a 3D digital model of the wearer’s body, allowing for custom adjustments of the robots’ distances and locations.

This tailored approach to anxiety relief is a significant advancement, as it activates the wearer’s parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation during times of stress. The RO vest’s innovative use of soft robots and acupressure points not only offers therapeutic benefits but also showcases the potential of wearable technology to enhance well-being.

The RIMOWA Design Prize celebration honored Kreimer’s achievement, highlighting the vest’s potential to transform everyday wear into a therapeutic tool. The exhibition of her work allowed visitors to experience the innovative design firsthand, emphasizing the importance of merging technology with fashion to address real-world challenges.

Anxiety Relief Vest

Janne Kreimer‘s RO vest represents a custom product that goes beyond conventional wearables, offering a personalized approach to anxiety relief. By winning the RIMOWA Design Prize, Kreimer’s innovative design has the potential to inspire future developments in wearable technology, demonstrating the power of design to improve mental well-being.

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