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IKEA’s Utsådd Pet Range: Stylish and Functional

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Swedish furniture giant IKEA has ventured into the pet market with its inaugural collection, Utsådd, in partnership with Woodgreen Pets Charity. The collection is tailored for cats and dogs, addressing their primary activities at home: eating, sleeping, playing, and hiding. With 29 pieces, Utsådd brings functional and stylish pet furniture to households while supporting a noble cause.

The Utsådd collection includes rattan beds, patterned soft toys, scratching posts, blankets, pet bowls, and more. Each item has been thoughtfully designed to integrate seamlessly into home interiors, ensuring pet owners can feel good about their purchases. IKEA’s commercial manager Michaela Quinlan emphasizes the goal: “Our objective was to create products that our cats and dogs love, and that their human parents can enjoy having as part of their home.”

Utsådd Pet Range

A significant aspect of this launch is its collaboration with Woodgreen Pets Charity. The charity has seen a 62 percent increase in abandoned pets at its rehoming center in 2023. By partnering with Woodgreen, IKEA aims to raise awareness about pet adoption and provide practical solutions for creating comfortable living spaces for pets. As part of this initiative, all the furniture featured in the collection’s catalogues has been donated to the charity.

To showcase the Utsådd collection, IKEA has released two unique catalogues: the “Cat-alaogue” and “Dog-alogue.” These catalogues feature a variety of products, such as a pitched-roof cat bed and a raised rattan cat house with a patterned cushion. The Dog-alogue highlights a series of soft toys, including bone-shaped and patterned toys, alongside a stylish rattan dog bed. These items not only cater to pets’ needs but also reflect contemporary design aesthetics, making them a perfect fit for any home.

This collection underscores IKEA’s commitment to innovative design and social responsibility. By collaborating with Woodgreen Pets Charity, IKEA not only supports pet adoption but also showcases how pet furniture can be both functional and beautiful. Fiona Cooke, head of specialist services at Woodgreen, notes the importance of pets having their own spaces to rest and play: “It’s crucial that dogs and cats have spaces to rest and call their own, as well as opportunities to play and have fun – both during their time with us at Woodgreen, and when they move on to their new homes.”

Utsådd exemplifies IKEA’s approach to design by creating products that blend seamlessly into home environments while serving practical purposes. This collection is not just about functionality but also about enhancing the lives of pets and their owners. It stands as a testament to the potential of custom product design to meet specific needs while maintaining a commitment to style and social impact.

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