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HAUS: Modular Storage Unit by Ae Office

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Berlin-based design studio Ae Office recently showcased their latest creation, the HAUS modular storage unit, at Alcova during Milan Design Week 2024. Inspired by the contrasting localities of Jeju Island and Berlin, HAUS is a versatile piece that can be configured in various ways, from a wall shelf to a container, basket, table, and more.

Furniture Trends often reflect the cultural and environmental influences of their surroundings. In the case of HAUS, Ae Office drew inspiration from the eclectic blend of traditional wooden furniture and the vibrant, psychedelic imagery of Berlin. This juxtaposition of influences resulted in a unique piece that blends functionality with artistic expression.

HAUS’s design is characterized by its non-linear, non-square modules, which are reminiscent of the organic shapes found in nature. The modules are made of flexible plywood, a material known for its lightweight and pliable nature, allowing for the creation of curved structures. By bending the plywood into U- and I-shapes, Ae Office created a visually striking piece that challenges traditional notions of storage units.

The use of different types of natural wood veneers, such as oak, mahogany, sycamore, and birch, adds to HAUS’s visual appeal. The layers of wood intertwine when the modules are assembled, creating a unique and unexpected visual relationship. This attention to detail and craftsmanship is a hallmark of Furniture Trends that prioritize both form and function.

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Ae Office‘s approach to design is rooted in their nomadic journey from Seoul to Jeju Island and now to Berlin. They believe that the naturalness of objects comes from a reflection of the context, expression, and native materials of the region. This philosophy is evident in HAUS, which seamlessly blends the cultural influences of both Jeju Island and Berlin into a cohesive and visually stunning piece of furniture.

As Furniture Trends continue to evolve, pieces like HAUS serve as a reminder of the importance of creativity, innovation, and cultural awareness in design. Ae Office’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional furniture design is evident in HAUS, making it a standout piece that embodies the spirit of contemporary design.

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