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Hand Rehab Glove: XFT & IDC

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In a groundbreaking collaboration, XFT Medical and IDC have unveiled the Hand Rehabilitation Glove, a pioneering device poised to transform the landscape of hand rehabilitation. Tailored to aid patients recovering from strokes or hand disabilities, this innovative glove integrates cutting-edge technology with empathetic design to accelerate the journey towards restoring hand dexterity.


At the heart of the Hand Rehabilitation Glove lies a fusion of neoprene material, electromyographic (EMG) feedback, and flexible robotics. This amalgamation of components enables patients to engage in targeted training and repair of dexterity through a series of six distinct training modes. From power-assisted movement to resistance training, the glove offers a versatile approach to muscle strengthening, catering to a spectrum of rehabilitation needs.


Crucially, the glove’s design reflects a meticulous understanding of user requirements. Recognizing the challenges faced by individuals with reduced dexterity and limited caregiver assistance, IDC embarked on an empathetic design process. The result is a glove that is not only effective but also user-friendly, featuring a cut-out palm area, fingertip hoods, and a supportive wrist strap for ease of use.

Glove Glove

Moreover, the integration of an EMG armband and control unit further enhances the rehabilitation experience. Through innovative mirror technology, the armband facilitates synchronous movement between affected and unaffected hands, fostering autonomous brain recovery and expediting rehabilitation.

Hand Rehab Glove

The journey from conceptualization to realization was marked by rigorous testing and refinement. IDC‘s in-house prototyping capabilities enabled the exploration of various design iterations, culminating in a solution that optimizes functionality, treatment effectiveness, and user experience. Neoprene emerged as the material of choice, offering washability, strength, and comfort, while bellows with refined junctions ensure optimal flexibility and mobility.

By addressing key issues encountered with existing rehabilitation solutions, the Hand Rehabilitation Glove sets a new standard in the field. Its sleek design, personalized strength settings, and an array of training programs not only promote gross and fine motor skill improvement but also instill hope in individuals on their path to recovery.

In essence, the Hand Rehabilitation Glove embodies a marriage of innovation and empathy, heralding a new era in hand rehabilitation where technology and compassion converge to empower lives.


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