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Glitter Monobloc: Sparkling Chair Art

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HFA-Studio has transformed the ordinary monobloc chair into an extraordinary piece of art with their Glitter Monobloc Chair. This dazzling creation, covered in mirror mosaic tiles, is set to shine at the upcoming ‘OUT OF OFFICE’ exhibition at PLAIN ART in Vienna, Austria. The design and creative collective, led by Uma Vogl-Fernheim, meticulously handcrafted this unique piece, using over a thousand individual mirror tiles to turn a simple garden chair into a sparkly, disco-ready showstopper.

The Glitter Monobloc Chair represents more than just a decorative item; it symbolizes the evolution of everyday objects from being ‘basic, inexpensive items’ to becoming ‘objects of desire.’ By showcasing this transformation, HFA-Studio challenges our perception of leisure and the spaces we choose to spend our spare time. The chair, now an exhibition piece, invites visitors to reflect on the importance of enjoying moments outside of work and reimagining the mundane into something extraordinary.

Glitter Monobloc

The journey of creating the Glitter Monobloc Chair was shared on Instagram, where HFA-Studio detailed their meticulous process, emphasizing that no machinery or robots were involved. This dedication to craftsmanship highlights the studio’s commitment to quality and their desire to elevate common objects through artistic innovation. As a multidisciplinary design studio, HFA-Studio brings together diverse skills and perspectives, enriching their creations with depth and meaning.

Interestingly, the monobloc chair has a controversial history. In 2005, Basel, Switzerland, became the first city to ban these plastic chairs from public streets, citing concerns over their aesthetic impact on the city’s landscape. This decision marked a significant moment in the chair’s history, transforming it from a ubiquitous piece of outdoor furniture into a symbol of urban planning debates. HFA-Studio’s Glitter Monobloc Chair seeks to rewrite this narrative, presenting the chair in a new, glamorous light that challenges previous perceptions.

By incorporating mirror mosaic tiles, HFA-Studio turns the once-banned monobloc chair into a beacon of sparkling beauty, potentially ushering in a renewed appreciation for this classic design. The studio’s work exemplifies how a multidisciplinary design studio can breathe new life into familiar objects, encouraging us to see everyday items through a fresh, artistic lens. The Glitter Monobloc Chair is a testament to the power of creativity and the ability of design to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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