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Geometric Ceramics, Blow-Up Installations, Black-Lit Rooms + More

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In the world of design art studio, creativity knows no bounds, and this edition of Take 5 showcases some truly remarkable talents pushing the boundaries of art and design. From immersive installations to meticulously crafted ceramics, these artists and studios are redefining the intersection of art and architecture.

Bruno Billio’s TRON Installations
Toronto-based Bruno Billio’s TRON installations are a mesmerizing blend of futuristic aesthetics and immersive art. Using neon lights and black lighting, Billio creates dynamic, otherworldly environments inspired by the iconic visual style of the 1982 TRON film. His work highlights architectural details and geometric designs, blurring the lines between reality and the virtual world.

Devin Wilde Sculptural Vessels
Brooklyn-based artist Devin Wilde’s sculptural vessels are a testament to the fusion of art and architecture. Each piece, meticulously crafted by hand, blends intricate details with masterful precision and symmetry. Wilde’s background in architecture shines through in his sculptures, which are visually striking and structurally sound.


Momoko Ikarashi’s Glass Boxes
Glass artist Momoko Ikarashi’s “One Day Windows” series transforms everyday moments into beautiful visual narratives. Using a technique called “pâte de verre,” Ikarashi creates glass boxes that invite viewers to experience soft sounds and changes in color and texture when the glass lids are removed. Her work creates a captivating interplay of gradation, color, and texture.

ENESS’ Inflatable Sculptures
Melbourne-based ENESS is renowned for their inflatable light art installations that transform public spaces into enchanting environments. Their sculptures, alive with dynamic lighting and graphic patterns, interact with their surroundings, creating engaging experiences for viewers. The use of inflatables allows ENESS to explore organic, fluid forms that defy traditional sculptural boundaries.

Myrsini Alexandridi Hand-Painted Ceramic Tiles
Stockholm-based Myrsini Alexandridi’s hand-painted ceramic tiles blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. Each tile is meticulously painted, showcasing Alexandridi’s keen eye for detail and her ability to blend patterns with modern aesthetics. Inspired by her Greek heritage and the cultural tapestry of Stockholm, her tiles create a visually dynamic mosaic.

In a world where creativity reigns supreme, these artists and studios are pushing the boundaries of art and design, creating immersive experiences and visually stunning works that captivate and inspire.

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