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Gem-Inspired Rugs: A Dazzling Collection

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Alain Gilles, a Belgian designer renowned for his innovative approach, has created the stunning Gem rug collection for Italian luxury rug brand Illulian. This collection, inspired by the dazzling facets of natural gemstones, translates their beauty into the tufts of three distinct rug designs. The inspiration for this collection came from a serendipitous walk through a flea market where small gem samples caught Gilles’ eye. Instead of replicating a single gem, Gilles decided to fuse two contrasting stones, creating a dynamic interplay between rounded shapes and obelisks. This fusion highlights the hard lines and angularities of the gems, resulting in rugs that are both visually striking and soothing.

The collection’s unique design is further enhanced by varying pile heights, creating an illusion of stacked objects that seem like they could be pulled apart and laid separately. Hand-knotted in Nepal, these handmade modern rugs are crafted from wool and silk. The obelisks are made of wool, while the lower elements are silk, giving each rug a distinct texture and depth. The design not only captures the beauty and lightness of gemstones but also introduces a fresh and calming aesthetic to any space.

handmade modern rugs

The Gem rug collection includes three designs in three different color combinations, each with unique features that suggest their ideal placement within a home. The obelisks act as arrows, guiding guests through the natural flow of traffic. The D-shaped version can be lined up against a wall, grounding a pair of armchairs or side tables. The rounder parts of the rugs encourage experimentation with seating arrangements, moving away from traditional rectangular layouts. This flexibility allows homeowners to create unique and dynamic spaces that reflect their personal style.

These rugs are more than just decorative pieces; they are functional works of art that bring a touch of luxury to any room. Gilles’ design not only reflects his background in architecture and design but also incorporates architectural updates in the form of modern, geometric shapes and innovative materials. The rugs’ combination of wool and silk, along with their intricate hand-knotted construction, ensures they are durable and luxurious.

The Gem rug collection is a testament to Gilles’ ability to transform everyday objects into extraordinary designs. By blending the beauty of natural gemstones with modern design principles, Gilles has created a collection that is both timeless and contemporary. To learn more about the Gem rug collection or to add one to your own home, visit illulian.com. These rugs are not just floor coverings but pieces of art that enhance the beauty and functionality of any space.

Vy Yang, Senior Contributing Editor, is dedicated to discovering ways to live well through design. Follow her on Instagram stories or visit vytranyang.com to explore her latest finds and inspirations.

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