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Faye Toogood’s Collaborative Collections

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At the heart of Milan Design Week 2024, amidst the bustling atmosphere, the Rude Arts Club exhibition emerged as a serene oasis on Piazza Santo Stefano. This unique showcase unveiled two collaborative collections by renowned British designer Faye Toogood, marking a significant moment for her studio. Cosmic, a furniture collaboration with Tacchini, and Rude, the third rug release in partnership with cc-tapis, stood out as testaments to Toogood’s creative prowess and commitment to innovative design.

The exhibition space was transformed into a series of rooms, each meticulously decorated to highlight the new collections. Visitors were invited to immerse themselves in the tactile experience, with colorful rugs adorning the walls and inviting daybeds and sofas encouraging relaxation. Toogood’s creative process was also on display, offering a glimpse into the meticulous craftsmanship behind each piece.

Cosmic is a collection that pushes boundaries with its irregular, elliptical shapes and soft, inviting forms. Covered in luxurious DEDAR fabrics, each piece reflects Toogood’s distinctive design language and aesthetic sensibility. The collaboration with Tacchini was praised for its ability to blend Toogood’s vision with Tacchini’s expertise, creating a truly immersive experience for visitors.

The Rude rug collection, on the other hand, is a bold departure from traditional rug design. Inspired by Francis Bacon’s paintings, Toogood sought to capture the intense color choices and visceral nature of Bacon’s work in her rugs. The result is a collection that is both cheekily profane and profoundly suggestive, challenging the notion of what a rug can be.

Design Gallery visitors were treated to a unique experience that went beyond mere product display. They were able to interact with the pieces, feeling the textures and experiencing the creative energy that permeated the space. This immersive approach to design showcases the transformative power of collaboration and creativity, inspiring visitors to rethink the boundaries of design.

In conclusion, the Rude Arts Club exhibition was a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Faye Toogood’s collaborative collections showcased at the exhibition exemplified her unique design sensibility and her ability to push the boundaries of design. The exhibition offered visitors a glimpse into the creative process behind the collections and highlighted the transformative power of collaboration in design.

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